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  1. BeanRoy

    Coffee pods

    So is 90% else of everything packaged I buy: food or almost any product. Cripes: batteries.
  2. BeanRoy

    Coffee pods

    Does anyone know if Walmart carries any type of coffee pods? I've seen some cofeee makers there, but never really checked. Having to go or order from CostCo seems excessive, although the prices might be better.
  3. Should be in the humor section...
  4. There was another thread that covered this question, and the answer is NO. It is possible technically to share fiber, but ridiculous to attempt.
  5. He's trying to upsell you. How disingenuous. The actual offer is this: no installation fee if you sign up for 18 months; $329 (or close to it) if you start monthly. Unless they suddenly changed their plan, which I kinda doubt. NOTE that the people at the Walmart door get bored and quit every week or so. There is also a number on the pamphlet they provide so you don't have to deal with a commissioned salesperson.
  6. Since the page clearly says it is limited to Guadalajara, then I won't worry. And since I've never heard of an out-of-area license being sited, you shouldn't worry.
  7. I'm not selfish. I am aware of my surroundings. I will wear a mask. It's so easy. For some it seems so burdensome. That's entitlement.
  8. Don't forget the taxi from the bus station to the bridge.
  9. I don't know what "prrog" means, but two people on this very thread report getting AstraZeneca and were obviously there.
  10. Hilarious that the responses to that query show so much egomania, solipsism, and narcissim. Social media will be the death of integrity.
  11. The only ones who don't see this obvious solution appear to be those in charge. Knowing that the changes were made by officials who did not even come here to overview the situation makes that more understandable. Not acceptable, but understandable.
  12. Especially their new smoked fish. (Too soon?)
  13. Same story every year, of course. So many new head priests since I moved here, it's amazing. Didn't know they could churn them out so quickly.
  14. "The Feast day of San Antonio is celebrated on June 13, the date of his death in 1231. In Mexico there are more than 60 communities hosting 9-day fiestas to honor San Antonio each June. At Lake Chapala, local legend ensures that the annual rains will surely begin by the Day of San Antonio, June 13." https://www.mexconnect.com/articles/1425-saint-anthony-and-john-the-baptist-june-festivals-at-lake-chapala/ I for one cherish the Mexican ability to party down and chill out frequently. Sure, the noise is annoying. But the celebrations started long before any expats arrived here and will continue long after we're dead and gone, and this is just common sense to everyone. So it puzzles me why every celebration every year causes so much whinging. If only my own countrymen north of the border knew how to enjoy life like they do here.
  15. I have history. If this is your explanation, then I'm afraid it didn't help.
  16. Then I am unclear. You did say: "But is providing low rent housing to foreigners doing them any favors?" Is that not referencing an origin? This is also the first time I have heard anyone say that this is some type of community problem. I would like to understand.
  17. There is someone else there in his place.
  18. MtmMama is correct. None of this applies to Mexico, or whether any of us have records from here that will be accepted anywhere else, as per mostlylost. We'll have to wait and see.
  19. Good to know about PayPal. You don't pay at WalMart, though, but you can sign up. You don't pay until the installation. You don't get an actual online account until the installation, either, so you can't try to pay online until that happens. You pay the installer either cash, CC, or DC, but the latter two can only be Mexican. After that initial payment, you cannot pay cash again, since they have no office here. I haven't had it for a month, so I haven't received a bill yet. Once I do, I will figure out how/where to pay.
  20. Computer Guy builds them to spec and reasonably priced. I believe his contact info is still on here somewhere.
  21. The good news is: yes, sometimes.
  22. We're talking about paying iLox, not TotalPlay. As I pointed out in this thread already, TotalPlay only accepts Mexican cards. I thought you might want to save yourself a trip to the iLox office by paying online. Beyond that, I'm just offering anyone reading this reassurance about how safe it actually is to pay online.
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