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  1. Alan, thanks for all the insight. Did you get your dogs inspected by Senasica after crossing the border?
  2. https://www.accesslakechapala.com/guide/driving-in-mexico/driving-instructions-from-laredo-to-chapala/
  3. we are driving from Laredo. Using the route posted on the access lake chapala blog. PCP = Primary care physician.
  4. We read about Las Palamas do you happen to know if they allow dogs? If not, we can always call we were considering driving all the way through because of our dogs. as for health care both of us are young and just got back our blood work a couple months ago with no concerns. I was wondering what PCP costs were like to stay on top of health while living out there. We plan to eventually get temporary residency.
  5. I’ve googled most of it. Conflicting information all of the place. Hoping for first hand experience
  6. Hi All, My girlfriend and are planning on moving to Chápala area from Illinois in early March. We were looking for some travel tips and answer to some questions. Any tips for traveling with US plates Any tips on repair shops along the way Any trips on dog friendly hotels that are safe to stay at Any recommendations on self defense items that are legal pepper stay taser? How many dogs per person can be taken across the border? Why type of documentation should we have for dogs? What is getting back To US with dogs like? Do you recommend we get residency while here? Any insurance recommendations? Any breed restrictions ? Any thing we should know about taking dogs to public places? Thoughts or concerns with cargo container on top of car. How does medical insurance work? Is there a cheaper alternative to a global plan? Is it wise to open a Mexican bank account?
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