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  1. Because USA does not want to send money directly to Mexican banks with no routing number... I guess most of the banks in Mexico have just swift code... but I would like to know. Usually there is a way to do things...
  2. ha! I am retiring in Chapala, because with the montlhly deposit, I couldn´t afford to live in USA! I have to live here, so I need a Mexican Bank Account to get my pennies here ... I do not have an address in USA, even I do not have a phone with American number...
  3. Hi! please recommend your bank to get the monthly deposits? I am retired in Chapala. TIA
  4. Hi! what was your selected bank? and how is it going?
  5. Guys, please feel free to share Riberas gardener´s info with me. I need one for a few hours... TIA
  6. Hi. I would like to find over here CALDO O SOPA XOCHITL. it is delicious, but I never have seen it listed in menús.... TIA.
  7. Dec. the 14th I was there by the basketball court... I saw a few...
  8. I live in Mexico and I was able to open an acct in the BBVA COMPASS BANK, in California, so I pay just 5 usd per transference, but I had to open an acct in México at BBVA. Hurry up. The usa branch was sold to pnc so I do not know if thew will change the policies about transferences to Mexico!
  9. Roca Azul has places with not much artificial light to do starwatching. it is by the lake. (2) Roca Azul Cabañas,Acampar, Motor-home y Casa Rodante Club | Facebook
  10. I will get it from "el rincon español" Spanish food, tasty, decent price... https://www.facebook.com/rinconespanol.mx see the Christmas menu.... 😛
  11. Hi! Is somebody having problems? I am by Riberas and no telephone, no internet service since 5 days ago. Telmex people say: "we are working on the issue" 😠😠. Is only me?
  12. Hi! in other parts of Mexico, I have enjoyed this "SOUP OR CALDO XOCHITL". I would like to know if somebody have seen it listed in a Menu of some Restaurant here in Chapala, Ajijic or Joco... TIA
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