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  1. Electricity off in Riberas? Anyone else?
  2. When is the best time of year to prune and shape an avocado tree here. Currently it is loaded with fruit but is in need of pruning. Is there someone locally who can do this? TIA
  3. Wow do not forget Viva Mexico!
  4. It is a restaurant andThey are closed on Tuesday. Great breakfasts and wings etc. Margaritas and beer also.
  5. If I was having problems with mobility will CFE allow someone else to bring my RFC AND constancia in? For example when they take my bill in to be paid.
  6. Wow! You really get excited when you drive and come out where there are other people!
  7. It is a nice sunny day and they want to greet people to Walmart.
  8. I have heard some similar stories from several friends so I will err on the side of caution. Medical tourism is very interesting and just like everything else it bears investigating.
  9. I just googled Sam Thelin Chapala and it shows a link that states as of June 22 he is at Hidalgo 79-G in Riberas.
  10. What information and documentation do you need to furnish to obtain the constancia?
  11. Wow for once I agree with you happyjillin. Lot of crap to wade thru!
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