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  1. I can't be the only person with chronic pain in all of lake Chapala. Would even travel to Guadalajara for my meds once a month. Any help would be more than greatly appreciated. I have horrible fibromyalgia with debilitating fatigue, arthritis in my neck low back pain from a joint in my spine. I was recently found disabled in the US and came here for the climate. Thank you Jodee chappell
  2. I'm interested but don't know how to do a PM. jodee595.1963@gmail.com😃
  3. I'm interested but don't know how to do a PM. jodee595.1963@gmail.com
  4. Zeb...I have numerous chronic pain conditions and have been prescribed low doses of narcotic pain meds in the US. I recently moved to the lake Chapala area to see if it would help some of my conditions. Only to find out that it is extremely difficult to find a doctor to prescribe opiate medications. I don't know how to do PMS is there any way you can guide me with finding a good doctor?
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