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  1. Come join us at vancouver wings live band alternative/rock today at 9pm
  2. Personally when i went to get mine i never did an appointment i just showed up and they attended me without an appointment and im not a senior so id say just show up
  3. Well I have coppel bank but they dont let me deposit this check
  4. The thing is this is a bond that I got from when i got my voluntary departure i cant go back right now until next year or so when my visa comes through
  5. I had my bank account but closed them down when i came here
  6. They only do it if you have an account with them and on top of that its a 6 month hold
  7. Where can i cash a check from the US Treasury without having a bank account here in mexico
  8. David weber one of Elvis impersonators will be coming down in case you guys would like to come and check it out
  9. Dealing with tinacos and cleaning them I'd say that your garderner has been using the water from the tinaco but still just in case id recommend to get them thoroughly cleaned out
  10. I would say it would depend on what youre using it for it didnt really work with me cause it drops the connection and you could be a whole day without it which is not good for me since I use internet for most of day to day activity but with that internet provider youre most likely to get mixed reviews for good fast internet id say infinitum
  11. If its a united states number you can put 001 before the number
  12. I have heard mixed reviews about Spencer but really good reviews on azucena but I mean ima check out both of them and see which one seems to fit the bill
  13. I can do it for you after all thats what i did for a living back in the states
  14. Bruce Lee is my idol he was the greatest of his time and not just at martial Arts my jeet kune do is not the best but I took martial arts for about 3 years
  15. I tried that approached and got denied its harder now apperantly
  16. Thanks guys I'm gonna go talk to Azucena since she seems to be rather popular
  17. I've only been here a year but im saying it because it happened to my grandparents just last year so it might not be so out of date as you may think but thank you I'll try the ones you guys recommended first
  18. Does anybody know of a good immigration lawyer to help me get a visa cause I've heard of many lawyers taking money than running away with it so if someone can recommend me a good one that would be greatly appreciated
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