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  1. A friend of mine is employing two nurses full time. Is there a way to provide them Mexican public health coverage?

    (Previously, they were hired through a nursing company, but the nurses talked my friend into paying the full amount he was giving to the nursing company directly to them so they could make more money. A mistake in hindsight, because that money was covering the vacation, end-of-year bonus and health care in addition to their cash salary.)

    I am told that only a company can provide public health coverage. Perhaps there is a company that would allow my friend to hire the nurses through their company and pay the company for the cost of the insurance?

    If you have any info that could help, or a referral to a company or attorney that could help, I would much appreciate it. My friend is elderly and basically bedridden so I am trying to help out.



  2. Anyone headed to Laredo, or know anyone who would be willing to drive there and back for a fee? I need to get my mom's small dog from US to Ajijic. I'm in St. Petersburg, Florida, and thought I could send her via cargo, but American and AeroMexico won't do that right now. There are companies that will drive her from Florida to Laredo, TX, or other US cities, but not into Mexico. I'd do it myself, but I have neck issues and driving is what really aggravates them. If you can think of other options, I am open to ideas. The best I can think of now is to fly down with her and back, but that means being on 4 planes, and $$$.

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