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  1. I did not say anything about not following the rules should be allowed so there is no need to twist my words to suit your obvious needs. I was agreeing with your " each to his/her own" and continued on with one should not be judgmental of what others do. Based on your many posts, it appears to some that it is very important to you to always be right and getting in the last word. So, I will end my part in this thread and let you continue on. I will comment no more. Good luck May 21 as you roll the dice and hope that you come up with the number you want or maybe wait another month or two for another roll of the dice. And this readers is how a post being shared by a helpful Canadian, TelsZ4, explaining to others how he/she successfully crossed the border to get a vaccination was hijacked by another Canadian who wants her way to be THE way of doing things.
  2. Exactly....and no one should judge others when they do not know the entire circumstances involved.
  3. Everything with this fiasco seems to be a roll of the dice and it looks like TelsZ4 won.
  4. We did the same thing in San Antonio....enjoyed Riverwalk for a few days
  5. We returned to Mexico from the US this past Wednesday and there was nothing to fill out about health. We did fill out a form before leaving Mexico but no one asked for it. We just needed the antigen test results.
  6. I think you made a wise decision. Our trip to Texas to get the vaccine was a great success and gave us a great peace of mind. Everyone must do what is best for them.
  7. I agree with Natasha 100 percent. When we came to Mexico in 2006, we started in Ajijic near the plaza, then to La Floresta, back to Constitution, then to Chapala near the park and now in Chapla Centro 2 blocks from the Plaza where we have been for almost 11 years. We came from the US with NO expectations and we deal with things as they come. We have never regretted our decision.
  8. We have lived in Chapala Centro for eleven years and never had problems with water
  9. Many pharmacies near Riverwalk. We made a mini vacation out of this.
  10. I am sorry...I meant San Antonio Texas. I hope you are able to work things out here.
  11. Very easy to do if you are able to go to San Antonio.
  12. First I would like to thank those who offered constructive help in how to go NOB for the vaccine. I have already personally thanked one individual in private who was particularly helpful but I would rather not mention that name. We thought we had everything worked out....the antigen tests, air reservations, hotel reservations. and vaccination appointments. But, before landing in San Antonio, we received an email that our appointments were rescheduled for the day after our return to Chapala. So, we had a bit of panic for the rest of the flight. But. we had a good ending. We stayed up last night and found a closer vaccination site with the vaccine we wanted. From the time we left the hotel and the time we returned it took less than 90 minutes. For those of you interested in trying to get the vaccine in the US., this is the way to go. We could not deal with the uncertainty of getting our second dose of Sinovac. If I can help in any way, please send me a personal message and I will help if I can. I choose not to respond to messages within this topic as before much time passes, the thread will change to something far from its original purpose.....which is to let people know even the best plans can throw you a curve ball so be flexible. In advance, I apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors. I am using a laptop that I am unfamiliar with using. Good luck with making plans NOB.
  13. I am sure because he is my husband. Is that a good enough basis for you? It must be a terrible burden to carry trying to help the world with a spelling error. Some might think that you are the insecure one who has the need to prove she might know more than others. The original OP asked about a painter, not for a spelling test. Stay on topic if you want to help someone. But before I end this, you might want to look back at the original post in this thread. You missed a spelling error. Guess what the word is that you missed. I hope the OP was not offended by you not helping him with his spelling and as a result making the world a better place. Despite all your help, everyone responding to the original thread seemed to know what salitra was without your assistance. I am ending this so you can have the last word if you choose. That is because I am secure. But, if you choose to continue, some might see that as a display of your insecurity. Have a good evening.
  14. A misspelling of a word is not an issue when you are talking to someone. I am sure, the the poster who misspelled the word knows how to pronounce it. Furthermore, the painter, Hector Sanchez, that he recommended is by far the best I have used as well. And, Hector has great command of the English language and would know what was being talked about if sal ee tray was pronounced incorrectly. But I am sure most on this board appreciate your spelling lesson of the day.
  15. I have a similar situation. We have been in the same house for 11 years and always paid in pesos. With conversion as it is, in US dollars we are paying 200 less today than 11 years ago. .
  16. The information that Mostlylost about the vaccine locally as well as the process in getting a vaccine in the US has been very helpful and accurate. He has really kept me on target and led me in the right direction. After getting the second dose of Sinovac here, we will be heading to Texas for another brand of the vaccine.
  17. Thanks again Mostly lost. We are making plans now and make a short vacation on Riverwalk while there.
  18. Mostlylost Did members of your family seem to have a better experience in San Antonio or in Houston? We are planning on going to San Antonio. Which site did your family use for the vaccine? We would like to use a known entity and also find a hotel close by. Thanks for all the information you provide.
  19. Did they get the time for the second appointment when they got the first shot?
  20. Did your family have any problems getting appointment times close together? What airline did you use?
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