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  1. Hola, So I think I might finally be getting somewhere with No Antecedentes Penales Federal. I have been calling weekly to Mexico City, no answer! I also sent all the required docs to the appointment email. No answer! A couple weeks ago I asked a notary to help with getting this document. She is getting somewhere! She forwarded an email asking to send all my documents and they will get it done in short time. Hopefully very soon! I think Mexico city must be answering professional people before replying to the public. So if this is done...then I can go for my test (I hope) I had an email from the Colima office, and everything in Colima is still suspended. My question to those of you living in the Guadalajara area, do you know if Citizenship is operating in there? Do I need an appointment? I would like to get this done, I have been studying for the exam for so long! I can't stop studying or I will forget everything! Thanks again for any advice on this!
  2. Yes, sent an email with all documents requested, early last week...have not heard anything back. Also have been trying to call the numbers several times a day and just get the recording. I think they might be closed!
  3. Does anyone know if the office in Mexico City for No Antecedentes Penales is open at the moment? I have tried sending emails and all the phone numbers...I'm guessing not at this time. However, if anyone knows for sure, or know anyone who would know, could you please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks Mostlylost! And I can make this form myself or is it supplied at SRE?
  5. Thanks for the response jrod! I am aware that no antededetes penales is different than entry/exits. So, just to clarify, I just have to go to the INM office and get copies of my FMM's for the past 2 years? Should be fairly easy...I have only left and returned once in the past 2 years. Where is the affidavit , at the SRE office? or at the INM office. And a chart? Is that necessary if all documents match? Thank you! 🙂
  6. I am working on getting an appointment for my federal 'no antecedetes penales federal' however, in the meantime...what is required for the letter under oath for enteries and exits into Mexico? This one is confusing me? If I am submitting copies of my passport..all pages, it should be clear. What is under oath, and who does it? Again...thanks everyone for your help!
  7. I hit a snag! Looks like they have suspended the Federal No Anticedentes Penales! https://www.gob.mx/prevencionyreadaptacion/articulos/comunicado-de-constancia-de-antecedentes-penales?idiom=es
  8. Thanks for all the info so far! To add to this list, here is one thing I learned getting things organized, my no antededentes penales> I live in Jalisco so they must be issued by Jalisco. For me it would be easier to go to Manzanillo, however that is a different state. It is not required to go to Mexico city anymore, there are several offices in each state. For Jalisco some of them are Puerto Vallarta, Autlan, Chapala, Tonal, Tlaquepaque, and several in Guadalajara. The federal police office here said the delagato may be able to help get the federal as the Covid 19 stay at home is still in effect. The exam itself, for me, can be done in Colima City.
  9. I love this information...thank you to all! I am planning on doing this very soon, but I have a few questions. Firstly, I see nothing about singing the anthem? Is that required? I am somewhat familiar with it, but I do not know it completely. The questions on the read paragraph are they multiple choice? Is SRE open now with covid, and do I need an appointment? I am in Costelegre, where is the nearest location to take the test? Colima city?
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