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  1. Sure we can try ( it's dependent on the model as you can imagine - since some are glued to the bottom cover ), our hours are 10am to 4pm, we're 4 spots West of Pancho's Deli Market on the Riberas - same sidewalk. Thanks!
  2. You always hope for the best, but if no response - then you could help others and that at some point was well worth it!
  3. Thanks all! Yes, PROFECO isn't the best but at this point -considering all little details, it's the only way; I'm considering his better judgement on fix the issue rather than have him come to GDL - invest time and resources; But hell! The repair option is most likely for him to get a used or new logic board to replace mine - from which I'm kinda positive he used it for a different customer! And yes, he has visited our house three times already for the same washer - and yes, it's risky - once again, thinking he'll use his best judgement to settle with the repair - and off course my payment on his repairs - but with a second technician present! About PROFECO - if they don't have proof that the business is fully 'register' - Felipe should think twice before he says no to the PROFECO appointment or a direct settlement since he's risking his whole business; It's never my intention to damage other service providers - it's my belief since my wife and I moved Lakeside that our standards for service HAD TO BE RISEN to the TASK & MARKET - if you aren't doing so, you're destined to disappear; I'm not saying it's easy, it just takes compromises - I don't use the word 'sacrifice' or at least I don't like the use of this word...
  4. To public opinion: We just got ripped-off / or you may correct my 'tag' for what happened: *We went to Lavadoras Guzman 333 172 2350 up on the Libramiento, on Monday 31st on August to visit us at our house to diagnose a Washer machine that we have had some issues not completing the whole cycle - well, he visited our house on the 4th to 'reset t' but turned out he took it with him to do a major diagnose - and said he will call us back with pricing after diagnosis - well, he finally called back on Tuesday 8th to tell me the charge will be MX$ 1,800 for an 'actuator (solenoid basically) and a main control board replacing; I reminded him that 'he took it to diagnose and quote - not repair! But at the end I agreed and he said he will deliver it on that same day around 4.30pm - then got a call back from him 5-ish to say he will be late but still around 7.30 **Never heard back from him until on Friday 11th I went to his shop and asked for my Washer back - off course, it was NOT READY and disassembled so I waited for them to put it together!!! After putting it back, I took it to Luis Mario on Hidalgo 66D on the Riberas and took him 5 minutes to tell us that they gave me a wrong main board, and they proved it ( remember, I was there and I saw them putting it together with the main board they put back in ) ***I went back on the same day to ask for my original board and he muttered: that's yours!!! To which I answered: so, where's the connection to water lever??? Then he ordered his guy to give mine back and drove-off the premises, I saw this guy doing a repair on to a main board and I asked about mine and he said: 'this is yours...' but he was soldering a water level sensor into it - guess what buddy? if it DIDN'T CAME WITH A SENSOR - the card wont read it!!! Common' !!! I just took a pic and left the place and told him that I will see them at PROFECO I guess we're getting a new Washer pretty darn soon!!! But absolutely he's getting sued! People know us - I think, and it's a policy for our lives now that we live Lakeside... This a different market, either you raise your standards or be out of business...!!! I hate when this is done to ANYONE - if you had a similar experience, please speak out and pass it along!
  5. Well, then it depends on the service guy - we charge by the hour and depending on the location, MX$ 350 / 450 / 600 and MX$ 250 ea/addt'l hour regardless the first charge, and we take care of everything 'we get throw at...' Lakeside CompuShop+Repair, 332 340 7501, Hidalgo 77-3, Riberas del Pilar - 4 spots west of new Pancho's Deli Market...
  6. Luis Algarín on this side! Hi guys! This is my first post, so please be patient with me, I'll try to make as best as possible! tsktsktsk thanks for the kid label - I'm 48 already! Ha! And then, not 'mysterious circumstances', I'll try to explain the best possible: I was in a partnership with Benno CS with Rodrigo Cobian and Frank Vierling, there used to be a receptionist, Manuel Sierra - which I believe now goes again to Benno; I offered to purchase the store - all inside it and off course, the Branding which it was the main goal of the purchase, but then I separated from the partnership since March this year when I found out they didn't owned Benno the branding, previous owner Mike Espinosa filed a registration process on March and due to pandemic and Federal Government already closing non-essential branches made it impossible to know whether it will take 4 weeks or 6 months to have the registration ownership for the brand of Benno Computer Solutions; Internally, for us since we where already paying rental of the store and pre-ownership, this was just the tip of the Iceberg and enough for my Wife and I. I gave Rodrigo Cobian a letter giving him numbers on our partnership results after 2.5 years of me at Benno CS and 2 years of my wife as an administrator, we came to an agreement for him to call me and meet at the store and proceed with the return of all the goods in Benno at the time of the departure, but instead got a call from a local judge for a meeting with them since we both got sued for stealing basically the whole store and coincidentally - if you will call it like that, the amount for the 'robbery' was the same amount that we offered the purchase of the store, BIG COINCIDENCE I say! After this you can imagine, it will be like a soap opera on TV - not as big as Dallas duh! The legal procedure is still going - and it will take quite some time for it to end. In the meantime I'd kept my distance and my opinion to myself but then you can guess by now, this is way to much to being publicly stoned and tagged for this. There's a previous post and now it's a good time for me to answer most of your comments: John Malow, Upfront, Jojana, sgmike - particularly you!!! : you heard just one side of the story, right? Xena: Gossips! But in the meantime nail them! Thanks! Huetzin Estrada and I have done some labor for Have Hammer and despite Tepehua community school + store + dining + english classes + computer classes + medical assistance and then some other community services is closed, my wife started teaching computing there to Chapala mothers and kids as well - we'll continue working with them the most we can because it's our feeling that we haven't returned as much as this new community we call home HAS AND STILL give us! On a more personal note: isn't that robbers hide or run away 'till it cools down? You can visit us for service, chat or a quick joke at Lakeside CompuShop+Repair at Hidalgo 77-3, pretty close to Pancho's Deli Market on the Riberas ( about 20 meters west of it), yours sincerely: Huetzin + Luis fyi: we have to much business that if in the future I need to respond to your comments - it will take me a few days you know: customers first! smgmike: I still owe you a cup of coffee, please stop by, it'll be nice to see you and I can print you the same letter I gave to Cobian!
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