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  1. Thank you very much for that - I appreciate it! I have since seen unofficial information regarding this so far. From what I've read there is a "review" fee of about 1300 pesos for this, which actually costs more than BOTH of our one-way flights to Tijuana. LOL! I know that extra fee is very likely the price you pay for this allowance, based on the way things are suddenly. This review fee is on top of the fine and the price of the new FMM; the latter two charges are understandable to us. So it's about 175 USD by the time all is said and done. TBH, I am not certain if that review fee is for others who offer to expedite and arrange this process, or if that fee is charged by Mexican immigration? We've left Mexico on foot on several occasions after lengthy stays (several months on a 180-day FMM) and have never seen a Mexican agent or turned in our FMM cards while exiting the country that way, so.... We are still here legally at this point and really don't feel too backed up in a corner, so to speak - nor will we feel this way when our FMM cards expire. Still, trying to figure out the best option for us and, of course, always good to hear what others think and especially feedback from others who may have been in a similar situation. HarryB has said it and I acknowledged already that Nobody can say with certainty what will happen to us. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing that! 🙂
  2. YES! That is what I am looking for - again, with due respect I thought I made that clear and I'm sorry If I didn't. Of course, the option we both want is to do all of this legally and with less cost to us. So, I'd love to hear more thoughts on my original post - not advice on what we could do. We know all of that already. Just looking for some discussion, that's all. 🙂
  3. It's not advice per-se I am looking for - I am not asking anyone "hey, what should I do in this case?" Only wishing to hear from others who may have been in a similar boat.
  4. As stated, only looking for opinion and experiences from others on this forum regarding this topic - not "legal advice" and I'm not asking anyone what I should do in this situation at all. With due respect, I did mention that several times. If you don't mind, what makes you think I am looking for legal advice? Am I really asking more than anyone else on this thread?
  5. Hello Forum members, Looking for related experiences regarding expired FMMs. In advance, I fully realize YOUR experience(s) will likely not be what WE experience - only looking for some honest feedback :-) Entered Mexico on foot from the United States in early November 2019. On a chance, took a sublease in Mazatlan several weeks later. Booked a ticket (in December!) from MAZ to TIJ one-way to cross back into the U.S. for April. Our 180 days FMM is up - mas y menos - at the start of May. Our one-way flight is flexible based on the fare-class, but we wish not to cross back into the U.S. right now in order to get another 6-month FMM, due to uncertainties with a lot of things - too many to list! We have several options - and I would appreciate some expert opinions and hopefully someone's experience to guide me - Again, I do understand YOUR experience does not in any way suggest this will be OUR experience - just looking for honest feedback. Option 1: Overstay by 6 months, then cross back on foot into the U.S. In the past - on foot AND in a vehicle within the free zone - our experience has shown us we WILL NOT come in contact with any Mexican official, meaning we will not hand in our FMM card. Question For Option 1: Does anyone think that this will be found out if and when we decide to re-enter into Mexico on foot several days later, in order to get another 180-day FMM? Option 2: We've already spoken with an official at the immigration office here in Mazatlan; sadly we were not too prepared with our questions... We left there with the knowledge that we could get another FMM after our original FMM expiration (around the beginning of May), pay any fines there on the spot and get issued a new FMM - with no guarantee regarding the amount of days this new form could be issued for. Question for Option 2: My apologies for making muddy any water, but after reading responses here on this forum, I must mention I've read elsewhere several things - The fine for overstaying is a per-day fine and also there is a maximum fine (about 300 USD). Can anyone relate their personal experiences with anything similar? Option 3: Continue our travels south for about another 6 months (or until things get somewhat back to normal?) and exit, on foot, into either Belize or Guatemala. We entered into Guatemala this way in 2013 and seem to remember turning in the FMM, which wasn't expired! Question for Option 3: See question for Option 2! Sorry for the the 8x12 version; I just want to list every angle I can think of. Again, just looking for thoughts and experiences and I know the latter will undoubtedly differ from ours once this is all said and done. Thanks forum members!
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