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  1. Please, does anyone have a phone number for Roberto Hernandez who runs the repair shop near Superlake.? The one I have doesn't seem to be working.
  2. Thank you. That would seem to include me, and would have been nice to know in advance. I did get the car out this morning so I'm not trapped by my electric gate if it goes down. I can't fathom why they think it's is a good time to do this work - global pandemic, middle of hot season, everyone quarantined inside, everyone with larger than normal caches of food now at risk of going bad with no luz. Can you tell me how to find this info for future reference.?
  3. Does anyone know if the power's going off tomorrow like the last several Wednesdays? I don't know where to find the info from CFE.
  4. I really doubt that staff in the stores or for that matter, the general populace, have had any instruction on how to protect themselves and others, even how to use/wear a mask properly. They're called cubre-bocas, after all, so wearing them under your nose could seem perfectly logical to some... There's information available but not everyone has internet or TV, or is motivated to find out; I've learned a few things myself that I didn't know, and have had to revise my own strategies as I go along (like with bleach solutions, hot/cold water, shelf-life, how long to leave the solutions on, etc.) because I was doing things all wrong.
  5. Where are people finding masks now? I haven't been out and only have 1 disposable left for when I need to pay bills. I did try making my own, but it was kind of a disaster.
  6. I'm having a terrible time with CFE cutting power to the house this past week. Last Tuesday's shutdown was over 24 hours and a few days later 8+. Yesterday I had nothing from 10 in the morning until 7:30 at night. I have a fridge/freezer full of groceries - more than normal in order to stay safe at home, and I'm afraid of losing the food with these extended outages. Not to mention that it's getting to be too much, being stuck here when I can't cook, can't clean, can't work and have no TV, radio, computer, phone or even fans to keep from suffocating! Why are they doing this now - with the quarantine and during the longest, hottest dry season I've seen in the 20 years I've lived here? Is there a site where CFE posts these shutdowns so at least we can know in advance? I can't even get my car out in an emergency if there's no power, because the gate is electric!
  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. However, my question was about cloud storage; I'm aware of the alternatives but my objective was to have a secure cache in a different location from my own equipment, as insurance against fire, flood, theft, etc. I don't really know how much storage I'd ultimately require, but (this is scary) I'm guessing I might have as many as 10,000 images to back-up, though I will try to weed as I go. I'll follow up on Google Drive (the only answer addressing my original query) but was hoping for several options.
  8. I know this isn't a tech website but, then, I"m not a techie. I need an affordable, easy-to-use storage site for non-technical people, something that will accommodate my documents and, more importantly, a lifetime of photographs (best guess a few thousand). I want a secure, permanent site (did I mention reasonably priced?), `cause I don't want to have to move everything ever again, once I chose a home for all of it. I don't know where to start and wanted to know what other people were using, and why. I'd appreciate any info you could pass on!
  9. I live in lower SAT and yesterday an older gringo man pulled up in front of my house in a beige van and let his dog out. I couldn't see too well, but he removed either a leash or collar from the animal, got back in his van and drove off, with the dog racing in pursuit. Maybe that's the way he exercises the dog, but the incident disturbed me enough to post this. All I saw of the dog was a mid-sized black & white animal, more white than black I think, but it was running flat out when I actually got a brief look, headed for Riberas. So if anyone sees a bewildered, lost looking dog in the area, maybe you could try to coax him/her to somewhere safe and call one of the shelters? I hate to think the dog was just dumped and could be in distress.
  10. I'm not sure Mark Turford is still available to assist. Sent him an email almost 2 months ago and received no reply.
  11. The light on our front street has been out for days and it's pitch black at night - unnerving. And now no garbage pickup since last Wednesday in east San Antonio? Any info, anyone?
  12. I started trying to cancel my flight on March 8 and obtain a refund. Couldn't get thru on the phone and had 2 emails telling me I could only reschedule but had to do it by phone or I'd lose everything. It says right on their website that refunds are possible if the problem is caused by Interjet "or due to extraordinary circumstances" but my emails are no longer being answered. Still no phone contact and the flight date is long past. So basically, they're just stealing people's money.
  13. Does anyone know how long this is likely to last? Might it just be a measure to control the partying over Semana Santa? Someone said that there's a concern about domestic violence in our current circumstances. I live alone, but if we're not allowed a drink in the privacy of our own homes when we can't go out, there's definitely going to be some domestic violence here when the wine runs out...
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