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  1. On 12/25/2021 at 5:25 PM, CHILLIN said:

    Now I have a new one. Have found the perfect, Char Sui BBQ pork strips recipe from Australian blogger, Nagi, Recipe Eats. She pestered her local Chinese butcher as to the best pork cut to use. The reveal was Scotch Fillet Pork. Hannah is out of town until next year. It looks to me like pork tenderloin with all the fat and meat which surrounds it. Very popular on Aussie Barbies. Anyone bought this? What did they call it in Spanish?

    I am getting a custom hanger rack fabricated to hang Char Sui strips over charcoal. It might vertically rotate, might not. The fat , smoke dripping on the coals not only adds flavor but also keeps the flies away and the customers coming in. Maybe eventually a mobile cart, selling Chinese BBQ strips and sausages and duck and - whatever.

    Chillin, if you get the Char Siu happening, I'll be your first customer - just let me know! I've made it here from lomo de cerdo and pierna (more fat) - got a recipe I was really happy with from https://thewoksoflife.com/chinese-bbq-pork-cha-siu/. You might want to compare it to your recipe. Took me years to find one I liked. 

    There was a take-out joint in Edmonton that did nothing but Chinese BBQ-to-go, and they did ham sausage the same way - absolutely phenomenal! Missed them desperately all these years in Mex; it was a weekly stop. 

  2. Thanks everyone; I'll explore these options.  happyjillin, I was from Edmonton too, 22 years ago. Have to make my own pierogies now but could still use some real kielbasa. These days, though, I'm more interested in learning more Asian cooking and, of course, they're very fond of pork belly...

  3. Found a new website that's got me fired up to try fermenting some things. Recipes call for unchlorinated water tho, and I realized I don't know if what we get in the garaphons is appropriate. Does anyone know if they chlorinate it? I use normally get deliveries from E-Pura. 


  4. My instructions to change the PIN number CAME from Master Card/Bank of Montreal in Canada, where it's apparently easier to find a cash machine equipped to do this. I have to call them back now and request they open a new 12 hour window in which I can make the change. SOMEONE at Lakeside must have needed to make a pin change at some point; if you haven't done it here you needn't comment, because the location of such a machine is the only info I require.  

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  5. Couple problems with suggestions so far. If the process includes inserting my old pin, I'm screwed from the get-go, `cause forgetting it was the reason the card got blocked in the first place. Also, I'm not smart-phone literate. I do everything I can on my laptop because the phone I have would be, at best, somewhere in the "borderline" range on the Wechsler scale. 8G Memory, not enough to load any apps and holds about 2 photos. Appreciate the helpful intention, in any case.  Maybe the Santander machine also handles international credit cards, like if a Canadian wanted a cash advance?

    As to online banking, I don't have an account anymore with the bank that issued the card, tho I check and download my statement through their site.  Now I've locked myself out of THAT because I tried too many times to enter my password from memory. Friday 13th running true to form...

  6. Trying to change the PIN on my Canadian Mastercard, which requires a call to Canada, a loooong hold, and a request to approve a 12 hour window in which to do so. I've called twice and tried 5 different machines in all; at least two of these displayed Interac & Mastercard symbols, but every machine told me they were "temporarily unable to contact my financial institution." This wasn't just one day and maybe bad internet, but 2 attempts, 3 or 4 weeks apart.

    So... 3rd time lucky? Has anyone else succeeded in accomplishing a change, and at which machine? Please specify location details. I'm  getting pretty frustrated.


  7. On 7/28/2021 at 12:32 AM, MtnMama said:

    Just so you don't worry, I asked Santiago and he said his queso fresco is made with pasteurized milk.

    Guess no one else has a suggestion. Thanks for the input, everyone, but who is Santiago, please and where would I find him and his cheeses?

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