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  1. you can get a free ap for your phone and probably send the results to what's app.
  2. Manix makes Reubens always, not just for special occasions. Corned beef is made in house by Hector! The original Title was "Corned Beef and Cabbage " so I posted! BTW Manix makes March 17 a holiday with decorations and presentations!
  3. I have a nephew who is a published authority on starting ministries. He starts churches in bars Sunday mornings!
  4. I have solar and havent paid a CFE bill in 4 years and my lights went out 4 times the night before last and twice last night. I asked Ajijic Delegado Juan Ramon if he knew what was going on and he had nothing. He had the same in his house.
  6. Maybe she has. I don't know every detail. Just that back then they didn't know the virus. She was in college in Jacksonville Fl. and was very sick
  7. Our niece was very sick in Florida a year ago last december. Her mother is a PA and was told at that time it was a virus . but, they didn't know which one.
  8. It has always been stated that maintenance of sidewalks including to the center of one's street was the home owner's responsibility. Mayor Moy and Delegado Juan Ramon have extended an opportunity to get municipal help. Please see the article below from the Seminario Laguna THE CITY COUNCIL STATED THAT IF THERE ARE NEIGHBORS WHO WANT THEIR SIDEWALKS REHABILITATED, THEY WILL HAVE TO PUT THE MATERIAL AND THE GOVERNMENT THE LABOR February 24, 2021 Editor Ajijic No comment http://semanariolaguna.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Ban-1.jpg Banquet in front of Guadalajara Pharmacies, destroyed by the roots of the trees adjacent to it. Sofia Medeles (Ajijic, Jal.) - The streets of the town of Ajijic not only suffer from potholes, but the sidewalks - both in the central area and on the periphery - are also severely deteriorated, according to a tour of LAGUNA through the picturesque town. Pedestrians interviewed expressed the problems they face as they walked through them and made public their anger at the authorities' indifference to remedy the situation. During the route of this medium, it was found that many of the sidewalks are affected - either with cracks, trees with invasive roots or with edges damaged by vehicular movement - besides that people preferred not to go through them, using the street, risking their integrity. http://semanariolaguna.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Ban-2.jpg Banquet that the inhabitants defined as "neglected and narrow", on Hermenegildo Galeana street. "They spend first on things they don't deal with, rather than fixing something that we all or almost all use every day, but since they're in a car, they don't even know about us pedestrians. I often pass through Galeana Street and before reaching the road and nowhere to walk, it is all ugly and very narrow. It is seen that their wear and tear is the cause of carelessness and unconscious cars hitting the sidewalks for irresponsible driving," said a neighbor on Galeana Street. For his part, Ajijic's delegate, Juan Ramón Flores, stated that while there is no project as such for the rehabilitation of sidewalks, the Government of Chapala has supports for those reporting stool in poor condition, which is to put the hand of obra. "Who reports, would have to put the material, since the projectsare limited by the pandemic", said the interviewee. http://semanariolaguna.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Ban-3.jpg Banquette in Independence, claim that it is damaged by the passage of cargo trucks. The support has not been very well taken, such is the case of a native, who said, "Now it turns out that ducks throw at shotguns," alluding tothe unfairness of the deal, because that's why taxes are paid"and thosedon't forgive them,"he said. For his part, the Municipal President, Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, said that there is already a pilot project that was carried out at Puerta del Horno, in Chapala, for the repair of sidewalks, in which - in the future - the delegation of Ajijic is considered, to solve the problem in pictures. "In the past, they did not think for the long future and put poles and trees in the middle or on the edge of the sidewalks, so, to this day, it is a problem that has affected their infrastructure; However, we think about including Ajijic in a project that aims to solve this kind of problem," said Moses Anaya. On the participatory budget, he comments that he is currently in detention, as the pandemic has affected a number of resources, however, reaffirmed the words of the delegate of Ajijic, ensuring that for the moment, the council's workforce is available whenever needed.
  9. ANEZEH SHRINERS Lake Chapala Shrine Club Ishop Postal # 620 Carretera Chapala- Jocotepec 144, San Antonio, Jalisco, Mexico 45900 Tel. 376-763-5126 WHAT HAPPENS TO THE MONEY RAISED BY THE SHRINE CLUB ? Compared to Shrine Clubs in the U.S. and Canada, our Club is relatively small, but very active. Our biggest activity is helping lakeside children with medical problems, either at the Shriners Hospital in Mexico City or locally at Lakeside or in Guadalajara. Here are the statistics for our Shrine Club in 2020: Patient Trips to Shriners Hospital in Mexico City - 49 Patient Local Treatments Lakeside/Guadalajara - 18 Total Patients …….. 67 Shrine Club Funds spent…….$297,284 pesos* * Includes 8 trips contributed by Niños Incapacitados- 2020 ……………………………………………………. Statistics from 2006-2020: Patient family trips to the Shriner’s Hospital in Mexico City - 1,256 Local Treatments for Patients Lakeside and Guadalajara - 897 Total Patients …… 2,153 Shrine Club Funds spent……..$4,696,704 pesos The Lake Chapala Shrine Club pays for all of the family transportation costs to Mexico City and the child’s local medical expenses which amount to thousands of pesos each year. Your continued support at Shrine Club fundraisers is most appreciated. THANK YOU !!!
  10. The zone which includes Chapala will be getting the Pizer vaccine. If you expect rapid response to ANYTHING in Mexico you are sadly deluded and in for a never ending succession of disappointments.
  11. Manix is the place for all special days. St Pat's too. Call 331 065 0725 for safe dining in , takeout or delivery!
  12. they are in the lake. Check fish stores serving the local community , not gringos.
  13. no service fee for paying phone, at least for Multiva customers
  14. I was at Multiva yesterday and paid my phone bill and made a withdrawal using my debit card. Perhaps there were a number of people inside. They do limit the number of people as do other banks.
  15. Manix Restaurant and Bar #57 Ocampo, Ajijic 766-0061, 331 065 0725 Delivery, Pickup and properly sanitized and distanced in house dining. Manix is always your family’s friend. Please support us! Parking Lot southwest of us on Ocampo Seating limited to 40 people – Reservations please Music by Abby Rivera 6-8 Tuesday and Wednesday 2x1 special menu all day 12-9 $320 excluding tips/drinks *Liver and Onions w bacon, mashed potatoes and vegetables *Deep Fried Shrimp w Cold Slaw and French fries *Chicken Parmesan w Fettuccine Alfredo *Mahi Mahi Florentine w mashed potatoes, veggies and corn souffle *Vegetable Lasagna *Dessert Crepes Suzette Manix Our full menu is always available!
  16. Just like back north, traffic laws are applied differently to locals as opposed to strangers. Don't assume they don't exist nor that they will not be applied to you.
  17. #HarryB


    where is purple garlic now? hours? phone?
  18. the State Human rights commission has ruled that seniors MUST have access to stores. Please be reassured and be safe Your friend Hector Espana
  19. what ever happened in Mexico on time? Hurry up and wait!
  20. got in today at 7:25 and was able to register both of us
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