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  1. What does this have to do with Mexico? As a moderator, or whatever your title is, you should not break the rules - just sayin’ . . .
  2. tonirahman.com Toni Rahman is a good EMDR specialist.
  3. The Canadian store that sells fermented foods sells CBD oil (south side of the carretera). Also, at the Mama’s Monday market the people who sell the Galagua products sell CBD oil as well.
  4. Off to Houston this weekend and will receive my first vaccination on Monday, 8 March. I have no idea what vaccine I will get but it's a helluva lot better than no vaccine! But then, I trust science . . .
  5. Actually, George Orwell's book 1984 has turned into non-fiction!
  6. I have friends on rez's across the US and several have sent pictures to show what they received.
  7. And when the US Native tribes asked for COVID-19 supplies, they were sent body bags -- not just to one tribe, but several. This is not a made up story. That's REALLY happening in the USA right now.
  8. I hear you! I sometimes shop at Soriana, not WALMART, but most of my buying is from mom and pop shops where I live, along with shopping at the local butcher, tortilleria, polleria. I'm certainly not in favor of big box stores. Before we moved south, I hadn't darkened the doors of a WalMart in almost 25 years. Long time local buyer -- always have been.
  9. Not all barrios are looking for the Great White Savior to come sweeping down -- I'm not here to tell people how to prepare their foods, stop drinking coca cola, etc. I'm here to live my life and be a respectful guest in Mexico. We can discuss root issues of problems 'til the cows come home. Just like Aretha, all I'm asking for is "a little respect" for those in need.
  10. Time will tell. I've always thought that people should come first. Whose economies are people REALLY worried about -- others or their own?
  11. people live through this, economy rebuilds, money returns. it's gonna hurt, though. our parents survived the great depression.
  12. It's about people, not money. What good is money if many are dead? People should be priorities, not money.
  13. Please don't say things like "no sortage(sic) of food in SJC" because there is an extreme shortage of food throughout this area. Sunday was a holiday and SJC is full of builders, thus the "rockets" being set off. Just because some are celebrating (as is their right), many people here are suffering and please be sensitive to that. You may not have had to work for the past 28 years, but many people here have to work until they day they die so let's all be kind.
  14. Watch the movie "reefer madness". USA propaganda from way back! According to the US guberment marijuana is THE gateway drug to hell.
  15. It's happening in the good ole USA too!!! Why attack Mexico when it's happening in your home country? People in the USA need to look in the mirror. Just sayin' . . .
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