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  1. Yes, please! I just lost several fish and need a couple more plants for my fish pond. I'll send you a pm with my contact details. Thanks!
  2. It's not a hospital...it is a clinic. My husband has seen the cardiologist Dr Moya, the rehab physician Dr Hernandez and completed a course of cardiac rehab at the clinic. We've been thrilled with the care he received there.
  3. Just sent you a pm. Good luck with the foal.
  4. The pharmacist at Farmacia San Andres gives my husband his B12 injections. She's on the Carretera between Dental Express and Penthouse Gallery.
  5. Hi Cedros... it's really not cheating to get the vaccine in the US, even when you live in Mexico. The US has ample vaccine! You do need to present an ID but it doesn't matter if the id is from the US, Mexico, Canada or elsewhere. No appointment is needed and walk-ins are welcome at most pharmacies administering the vaccine. I understand it is making you anxious to plan travel without an appointment for the vaccine and I wish I could help with that part.
  6. Have you tried booking via the website? You really don’t need an appointment before you travel. You can make one once you get to Texas.
  7. You can book on-line or same day by phone. Walk-ins are welcome too. Here's the info from their website... It really is easy and the vaccine is readily available in Texas. I promise I'm not leading you astray. CVS, WalMart, HEB and other pharmacies also offer the vaccine. I'm sharing the Walgreen info because that is the company I am most familiar with. I worked for them for 30+ years...
  8. There's a Walgreens on every corner in San Antonio! You can easily make same day or next day appointments on-line to get the vaccine. With the decline in vaccine demand in the US it's also likely that you can walk in and get the vaccine without an appointment.
  9. La Pacena...good food, nice atmosphere and good service.
  10. My husband was impressed with Lakeside Optometry in Ajijic, on Hidalgo a couple of doors west of the square.
  11. Can't speak for bringing a dog through customs, but it was an easy process with our 2 cats. The veterinary staff at the airport checked our paperwork and did a quick physical exam of each of the cats. It was maybe 15 minutes from start to finish.
  12. Try the other board...Inside Lakeside. Good luck!
  13. ...and willing to bring a bag of prescription cat food back with them? My regular courier is temporarily unavailable. Please PM if you can help. Thanks!
  14. Ajijic Clinic worked well for us. They test between 11-12 Mon thru Fri, with results available by 2pm the same day. They also offer the test on Saturday but I’m not sure of the time. No appointment required. It was a quick, relatively painless and easy process.
  15. Liz Verar at Cosala Homes. She and her team are fantastic. 331-410-0795 / cosalahomes.com
  16. So far so good...fish seem happy and are now spawning in their refreshed environment. Pond should be back to full in another day or so. Thanks for the advice!
  17. I woke up to a near disaster this morning, with about 2/3 of the water in my fish pond gone. I've tightened the filter and added a small amount of water back to the pond. The fish (goldfish and 1 koi) seem active and ok so far. How much water can I safely add back at one time? What else do I need to do to get the conditions right for the fish and plants? For the past year I've just cleaned the filter and sprayed in water once a week or so to replace whatever has evaporated. The fish came with the house, so I really don't have a clue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  18. It was very windy in our area when it happened last night in West Ajijic. We didn't hear a booming sound though...
  19. Good luck with your move! We used Geoff at US Bordermovers and were very happy. He's based in Phoenix, AZ.
  20. Don't know the name of the business, but there is a 3D printing shop across the street from Dr. Sam Thelin's office in Chapala.
  21. Either there's a second Tex Mex place coming or the original one has shifted to the former Perry's Pizza spot on the Carretera...
  22. I loved that book! Thanks for the reminder. I may read it again.
  23. Telmex shipped us a new modem last week. As far as I knew, the old one was working fine. My question is...what do I do with the old one? Do I need to return it somewhere locally, ship it back to the return address in CDMX or toss it? I tried searching for an answer but didn't have any luck. Thanks in advance for your help.
  24. Yes! It is Salvador Vázquez Carmona at his home/studio in Tonalá.
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