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  1. Please, everyone, keep the thoughts coming. I will listen and take into consideration negative and positive feedback equally. Again I want all opinions, suggestion, etc.
  2. I get that and appreciate your thoughts. I would love to provide jobs to locals with this business and I want to retire early. Just 5 years or so may give me the income to live modestly I'm the Chapala área. After that I hope to have a house built and use my retirement money to just be retired. If I were to make that happen, I would love to pass my business on to any loyal employees to own and thrive.
  3. Absolutely, I wouldn't cook daily with all of these choices, though I personally find cooking fun and would do it once a week. Exactly what you said...to each his or her own! One thing I do is all of the chopping and keep the cook time to 20 mins. I very much appreciate your feedback. I know it's not for everyone!
  4. Completely understandable. My aim is to make it as affordable as going out to eat. I expect customers to use the service about once a week when you just want a different experience. I would love to know what everyone would think is a reasonable price for this. Currently our prices are approximately $5.00 per serving without alcohol. ( As much as I'd like to provide that service, it will take a while to get a license, though, for first and or loyal customers I like to provide a little free 'treat'!
  5. Hi! I asked a while back if you all thought a business like Hello Fresh in the US and Europe would be something people there would be interested in. I got positive feedback and some questions which I answered but never heard back. I'm heading up in the next couple of weeks to check out cost of spaces for food prep etc, and would love more feedback from the community!
  6. I have a U.S. phone and ATT plan that includes unlimited voice and text while in Mexico calling local or US numbers. Reasonable rate for US plans. Check it out online.
  7. Hi! Thank you for all of the questions! First let me start with the business in Guadalajara is on hold right now because I is not the right market at the right time. If I have enough interest from the Chapala area I will open it back up and make it bilingual. There are no minimum orders and contracts. What we did in Guadalajara is set 1-2 hour delivery time frames. I am completely open to doing things differently there due to much less traffic. You see the recipes a full week in advance and I have multiple recipes from our collections that I can share with you. They are in Spanish but you will get the gist. Recipes change weekly and we take recommendations! Prices and practices would be generally the same but I am adaptable to the needs of the community. I plan to be there 2 days next week and am happy to meet and show you recipes or I can post them here. Or both!
  8. The business is called Fudi and is the same concept as companies such as Hello Fresh in the U.S. and Europe and Blue Apron. It is for people who enjoy cooking and want to learn to make new recipes or do not enjoy menu planning or prep. I do those for you! Then, I deliver all of the pre-prepped, fresh ingredients in good sized portions with explicit instructions on how to make Right now I am really just putting feelers out to see if any of you would enjoy this kind of service. Any feedback would be very helpful.
  9. Hi! I started a new service in Guadalajara but think that residents in the Chapala area may really enjoy it. In short, you choose from 5 recipes which change weekly. We bring you the food raw but in exact portions with complete cooking instructions.
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