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  1. My systems (solar electric and solar hot water) were done by STI Solar Technology, top quality at great pricing and superb support. Many mentions over the years on this board. I believe they have installed the systems for the Cruz Roja and the Chapala Country Club and many others. Contact: ron(at) solartechnology.com.mx
  2. Agree with that 100% and your lack of tact and courtesy / diplomacy, tambien.
  3. The lack of understanding of global currencies that different countries and regions have and use, is highly evident in your comment and the phrasing of your question.
  4. Agree with this, my comment was about non-CDNs requiring full vaccination for entry. And also, that there is "0" recognition of "natural immunity" that was claimed by another poster. We're on the same page here.
  5. That is absolutely FALSE and incorrect. No entry without being fully vaccinated into Canada. Period.
  6. I recommend Go Solar for all solar systems, and the STI solar hot water systems work great and come with a 5 year warranty and they provide delivery, setup, and quality service.
  7. When you get lab work in Ontario, you have your own independent online access to it. Check LifeLabs website, you just need to create a user account (no charge). Pretty sure that is the law, too. Select a Province – LifeLabs
  8. Just grab a Telcel Amigo plan / SIM card, you can have a MXN phone # in 30 minutes for very little $$. It does not need to be a landline....
  9. Why are you posting, if this doesn't have your attention? SAD.
  10. If they need more convincing, share this link with them: Louisiana has suffered from back-to-back climate disasters - CNN
  11. Meanwhile, in the Gulf, here comes IDA. As in.....I'da get da heck outta 'Nawlins and area, if I were them.
  12. He is pretty fully booked most weeks and not really taking or looking for new clients.
  13. You can post items in the Classifieds section on this board (go to Chapala.com main page to find that link)
  14. Personally prefer the "old" one, the new one almost has too much info and a lot of white space which is a bit harsh on the eyes. Either way, a great service to the community, big kudos to the owner / operator.
  15. All sizes available, secure, modern, dry: phone # is in the image 33 36 93 56 67 Map pin: https://goo.gl/maps/aVDdpAT7afiwPjuy7
  16. Actually, it is still there, just with a different link now to the page: Recharge telcel phones in Mexico - Top Up Instantly | Xoom, a PayPal Service I encourage anyone using it and paying with Paypal to use a debit card link, and not a credit card link, for that Paypal payment......as some credit cards charge this as a cash advance with the related fees and interest....vs if using a debit card, it just comes right out of your bank account.
  17. As of a few days ago, the XOOM site no longer had Telcel payment options of any kind, in fact there were only 2 countries listed there.
  18. Canadians driving north from MX are considered to be "in transit / passing through" and not visiting the USA, so the land border closure rules are not being applied to them; they are only supposed to stop for essentials (gas, food, sleep) enroute.
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