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  1. Why don't you stop wasting everyone's time with stupid posts like this, asking people to help you, and then making snarky replies to them all? That is the behaviour of a grade A - hole IMHO.
  2. Why don't you run a hose into the lake, pump your own when it is watering time, and solve all of your problems that way? That way, you can have consistent pressure, supply, and not put demand on the local wells. Many golf courses do this when they border on a lake or a river. Plus you'll have all that "nutrient rich" lake water which can only be good for the lawn......
  3. Is it a Vita-Mix.....or a Meow-Mix? 😂 3 Vancouver Island cats hold owners' blender hostage — for a month | CBC News
  4. This thread is valuable and appreciated, and to mention, I am planning to add energy storage / backup to my home too, and have reviewed what Solar Technology has installed in the area. Very nice hybrid systems with automatic battery backup if CFE outage happens, and the owners are most pleased.
  5. Someone posted this as a possible solution: (and it might help determine if this is still supported by Telcel...) Have someone with Telcel phone send a text to your email. Then keep the reply path.
  6. I agree with you.....however my experience on these has been that they are very lightly loaded if not at holiday times....and so if I wasn't going in a private car, I'd choose the luxury coach over being in a crowded airport terminal / gate / plane...
  7. Please confine your personal needs like this to the Classifieds section, this forum is not for this kind of thing, you are cluttering up a valuable resource. Mods please move it.
  8. Your "source" is a whack job site and this fact is well established, no one should give it any credence. And you should resign as a moderator of this board IMHO. LifeSiteNews - Wikipedia LifeSiteNews (or simply LifeSite) is a Canadian Catholic far-right anti-abortion advocacy website and news publication. LifeSiteNews has published misleading information and conspiracy theories, and in 2021, was banned from some social media platforms for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.
  9. I have seen an issue with trying to upload the vaccine proofs as a PDF file. As soon as I changed it to an image file (screenshot or equivalent) and used that instead, it worked right away.
  10. You are incorrectly linking things. Yes, many seniors have died from Covid. Most, before the vaccines became available. THAT is the part you are leaving out. Yes, there have been some illness and even death among vaccinated - not all developed the immune protection, each body is different. But have the vaccines been overwhelmingly safe and effective? YES is the answer and the un-vaxxed that are now clogging the health care system should be ashamed of themselves. If they want to go in a hospital now for their Covid ignorance, they should either get vaxxed at the same time, or just stay at home. Too many people being denied needed health care and surgeries due to these bozos. Merry Christmas.
  11. U.S. life expectancy dropped nearly two years in 2020 because of COVID-19 - The Globe and Mail
  12. Exactly right. And there were no instant & free global platforms for trolls and foreign agents to put wacky claims into the heads of the uneducated. Mandatory vaccination is coming, basically IMHO, governments are just going to handle it in a way that the vast majority of the population demands / requires it, and we're pretty much just about there. The anti-vaxxers can then run off and start their own countries and live happily in their dystopian Mad Maxx world. Maybe No-vax Djokovich can be their new leader as he retires from tennis.
  13. Your link is less than encouraging, it is to a pretty whacked out site with lots of click-bait designed just to make $$ for the site owner. And if you need more proof, read the comments on that page. Pretty scary, most of them sound like the Jan 6th DC crowd.
  14. And what it does to the body, heart, lungs, and more: Heart damage from COVID-19 shown in new X-ray images | CTV News
  15. You mean what they get every day, from their social media feeds funded by anti-western interests; same ones that stoked the Jan 6th riots? Your whole post smacks of skepticism and paranoia.....maybe, maybe, maybe. I think the military vaccine research is great to know about and hope it is 110% successful, thank you for sharing that part, how about lightening up on the rest?
  16. Has anyone also had spinal, knee, shoulder or other PRP injections (platelet rich plasma taken / made from your own blood) done locally or in Guad? Lot of success reported, with typical relief averaging 6 months. Please post any experiences or contacts about it.
  17. The great COVID-19 infodemic: How disinformation networks are radicalizing Canadians - National | Globalnews.ca Stay safe, everyone. And for the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and deniers: read this from a conservative respected news source. And get real.
  18. You're a troll and you should be banned from this board. The USA has the most % un-vaxxed of any developed nation and leads in deaths and recent high cases and hospitalizations. Covid-19: US surpasses 800,000 pandemic deaths - BBC News
  19. Wow, you really are highly un-informed. There is no lasting "natural immunity" and it doesn't take a sneeze in the face, it is aerosolized. Masks work. Good luck to you and to all of us that have a society with more like you in it. Wow.
  20. Fine, just don't go to the hospital when you get Covid then, and crowd it up for the responsible ones who need it for non-Covid critical care. You BOZO. (your words)
  21. This is misinformation at its finest, spread by the anti-masking crowd. The virus doesn't "fly around" on its own. It is carried in droplets. Masks prevent these droplets both from leaving you, and getting to you. Simple stuff. Masks work. This is why unmasked events are "super spreader" events.
  22. The worst thing is the bozos who don't wear them, when and where they should be. Strong correlation with the deniers and anti-vaxxers. We'd be way closer to ending the pandemic but for that small minority ruining it for everyone else.
  23. Chris Wallace moving to CNN.....one Chris leaves CNN, another arrives.... 😉 Chris Wallace announces he is leaving Fox News, joining CNN+ - CNN
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