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  1. You can always find exceptions, yes of course not all people have good immune responses. 10x more likely to be seriously ill in hospital or ICU if not vaxxed. Stop the BS. #GetVaxxed #DoTheRightThing
  2. Unvaxxed Lunch Lady Wants You to See Her COVID Death Spiral (yahoo.com)
  3. ....you can stick your disrespectful, face diaper and related comments, you know where.
  4. Your continuing false statements with no shred of proof, certainly are what you say. Unvaxxed father of two DJ Ferguson, 31, is REFUSED heart transplant by hospital as dad says he's on 'the edge of death' (thesun.co.uk) #DoTheRightThing #GetVaxxed
  5. Based on my own experiences there and what I have been told by others, being closed improves the service level.
  6. Anti-vax Olympic gold medalist Szilveszter Csollany dies of Covid, aged 51 (yahoo.com)
  7. There's a difference between info about the virus itself and differing opinions on rules, restrictions, etc......vs if someone is asking for or sharing info on this forum about getting jabs or other local info needs. Asking that is no different than asking for computing or propane or other local info and should be kept here IMHO - and yes, kept on track, we can all agree on that part.
  8. Moderna vaccine shows lower risk of breakthrough infections: study | CTV News
  9. Agree.....look at the cost of med schools in the US and the restricted supply they accept & graduate from them. Many good US students have thus chosen to go to U of Guad med school and others, and then return to US for their licensing.
  10. You and your buddy Rudy Giuliani must be very happy together. "Trial by Combat" is just an expression too.....gee, what could possibly go wrong?
  11. Test sites swamped in Chapala (theguadalajarareporter.net)
  12. Totally uncalled for, agree 110% with RickS. And the MODS should delete all of the posts by "diclo-saurus" both above, and below this one, referring to nazis, Israel, and Palestinians, they are politically biased to say the least and have no place in this forum.
  13. Why don't you stop wasting everyone's time with stupid posts like this, asking people to help you, and then making snarky replies to them all? That is the behaviour of a grade A - hole IMHO.
  14. Why don't you run a hose into the lake, pump your own when it is watering time, and solve all of your problems that way? That way, you can have consistent pressure, supply, and not put demand on the local wells. Many golf courses do this when they border on a lake or a river. Plus you'll have all that "nutrient rich" lake water which can only be good for the lawn......
  15. Yes....aware....maybe "they" can be distracted with more cat jokes? What is a cat's way of keeping law and order? Claw Enforcement.
  16. In this Ontario hospital, it's mostly the unvaccinated who are overwhelming the ICU | CBC News See unvaxxed guy's reco now to get vaxxed, he'd be dead if not for the valiant health care workers who saved him. #GetVaxxed.
  17. Both quotes you posted, say nothing about oxygen levels. And they use the words "suggest" in one, and "probably" in the other. Heavier breathing on exertion? Ummmm....who doesn't breath heavier, on exertion? While we all can agree it is not fun to wear a mask for 12 to 16 hours....or even 4.....there really not much in these that is relevant to the false claims made in other posts about oxygen levels.
  18. You better not post your (un) funny stuff in the "they can go fishing" thread or Mod 2 will delete it / you. Watch out everyone! OMG.
  19. Your info is misleading, check the details: Fully (double) vaxxed are 92% of the population, so there are 10x as many people fully vaxxed, as unvaxxed there. So on a proportional basis, unvaccinated are 5x more likely to be in hospital, as vaccinated. Now, look at ICU stats: 50/50 even though unvaxxed are less than 10% of total population. SO: 10x more likely to be in ICU if unvaxxed, as if one is vaxxed. Great data, though, fully proves one is much safer, and a better citizen, if vaxxed. So thanks for that.
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