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  1. Winners wear masks! Both Canada and Russia teams wore them, to be fair:
  2. Here's more info showing the bozo convoys are highly likely also super spreaders of Covid: COVID-19: Wastewater index blip coincides with convoy arrival; Moore notes 'general improvement' in indicators; Six more deaths in Ottawa | Edmonton Journal If they could measure the IQ of wastewater, it sure would have gone down with the arrival of these losers.
  3. Here's an article from a fairly conservative CDN paper (part of the National Post network) with truth and facts, something the far right continually chooses to ignore and distort. The convoy protest is mostly made up of total whack jobs and the trucking associations and normal hard working truckers want NOTHING to do with them and are actively speaking out against them, in fact: Ontario Trucking Association distances itself from trucker protests | The Kingston Whig Standard (thewhig.com)
  4. Is that ignorance, stupidity, disrespect, or more likely, all of the above?
  5. Try to remember (or be advised) that people in areas of high air pollution have also been wearing masks most of each day, long before Covid came around. Why? Because the mask filters the air and protects them.
  6. No, they are being actively closed down, and FYI, the national Trucking Association in Canada does NOT support these occupations or even the "protests"...in fact they have denounced them. 90% of truckers are vaxxed, they are the responsible, hard working ones who deserve our thanks and gratitude. Not these moronic bozos who have time to bring bouncy castles, saunas, DJ's, fireworks and hot tubs to parking lots and downtown streets and call it a "protest". While most of the organizers, stay in hotels. And the hotels will probably kick them out as many of them are violating health regulations and hotel rules anyway.
  7. Please post your address, we'll come visit and see how great you think it is when 24/7 horns and fireworks and other noise and disruptions are outside your front door.
  8. This article and / or the report it references, has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. Just a few of them here: First of all, it was done by economists, not by scientists, health professionals or epidemiologists. Second, just look at the key chart in it, deaths per capita. The countries with the most restrictions (Canada, Australia) have had massively fewer deaths than USA, UK, and the rest. Third, more political spin by twisting the good name of Johns Hopkins for political gain....just see below in this same article.....the $%&/()ic clown Rand Paul says "no effect" from mandates, right after the paragraph showing a significant benefit just from one thing like closing non-essential stores. However, closing nonessential shops was found to be the most effective intervention, leading to a 10.6 per cent drop in virus fatalities. 'I hope we'll learn from this the study,' Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said on Fox News Wednesday. 'There was no correlation between any of the mandates the government put in place and any change in the incidence of the disease.'
  9. No, it is actually quite new info, which you probably didn't even read, you jumped right to the stupid comments section. I'm sure many southerners who are more responsible and aware of things, are wishing you'd change your moniker.
  10. New research on immunity levels, vaxxed vs un-vaxxed, both having had Omicron: Why an Omicron infection alone might not offer the immune boost you'd expect | CBC News #GetVaxxed #DoTheRightThing
  11. https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.5738621 "Hostage taking" ends with margaritas......que bueno!
  12. Between your "face diaper" disgusting and disrespectful comments, and this one, you seem to have a real fixation with bodily elimination functions. Get some help. MOD5, please take action against this person as it maligns good journalism which Chapala.com should be most concerned with.
  13. And another excellent article on the massive amount of anti-vaxxer & Covid denier mis-information from one of Canada's leading respected conservative media groups: The great COVID-19 infodemic: How disinformation networks are radicalizing Canadians - National | Globalnews.ca
  14. Your name is spelled wrong, remove the "h" and change the "a" to an "e" and then you've got it spot on.
  15. You like to put things in terms of extremes, that much is clear. You disregard a 1% death rate as insignificant. An average in the USA of over 1000 deaths per day for 2 years, with many peaks much higher, and that is WITH restrictions and vaccines. Your attitude is callous and pathetic and you also give no proofs of what you continue to promote as your truth, which in fact, is just the opposite of truth.
  16. What is going on however, is NOT scientists vs scientists. It is political disinfo and ignorant people on social media, vs scientists and health professionals. So nice try on the spin, but.....no. You missed the target. Again.
  17. Why don't you post a position, instead of just posting links?
  18. Neither of you really has a clue about it and you are both wrong. Again, their usage is called "terms of service", not "illegal vs legal". The Sat cops aren't coming to your door to seize your dish, receiver, and deport you. Yes, one needs a CDN address for the account. And.... Canada's footprint is so large that the sat coverage should still continue to work @ lakeside. This myth has been going on for a long time now.
  19. Yes but the basic technology argument is the same reason sat TV is still so popular everywhere. No cord needed. Each tech will probably leapfrog the other depending on the needs and location of the user. SAT TV was the only way to go at lakeside for many years. Still is in a lot of areas. As for Shaw / StarChoice and being "legal" out of Canada....really? Get serious. First of all, that is a "term of service", not a law. Second, each account can have up to 6 receivers on it. That lowers the cost, per receiver in use. "Big wink".
  20. You're wrong as usual, and Cedros is right, yours is old - the newer sat tech is different of course than cable / fiber streaming but also still has many advantages. Why did Elon Musk just launch tons of them? He's not my favourite person but his tech is usually bleeding edge.
  21. How about "Covid Correspondence Club Created by Cat Coddling Crazed Mod"?
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