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  1. How can we say we miss you, if you never go away?
  2. Quality and brevity and quality counts. Check Ferret's type of posts. Yours are epic fails.
  3. Not trying to change it. Just take it elsewhere. This is a web-board for succinct local info, not for pages of rambling blah blah blah, and most of which I have read from him is actually not technically correct or as "new" as he or she thinks it is.
  4. You've MORE than achieved that. If you're going to address history, take a page out of Winston Churchill's book and get some brevity. Like cut out about 90%.
  5. Love it! She must be related to the woman who gave them sunflower seeds to put in their pockets......so flowers would grow where their bodies lay.
  6. These sites are both in Pennsylvania, and one of them at least says they do not ship to Mexico. Better to deal locally based on what I have already seen and researched myself. Good prices, good quality products and installations and local support as well.
  7. Highly recommend Go Solar, I have seen STI solar installations with lithium ion batteries of several types, well done and cost effective and getting my own later this year.
  8. You can't resell at a higher cost. Only at a higher price.
  9. I'd give Costco a +1 for the cooperation and assistance too!
  10. Cell # shown on this link: Contact 1 — Dr. Héctor Haro Gómez (drhectorharo.com)
  11. Please move to CLASSIFIEDS, does not belong here
  12. Several in Chapala also mentioned in this link / thread
  13. https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.5738621 "Hostage taking" ends with margaritas......que bueno!
  14. Neither of you really has a clue about it and you are both wrong. Again, their usage is called "terms of service", not "illegal vs legal". The Sat cops aren't coming to your door to seize your dish, receiver, and deport you. Yes, one needs a CDN address for the account. And.... Canada's footprint is so large that the sat coverage should still continue to work @ lakeside. This myth has been going on for a long time now.
  15. Yes but the basic technology argument is the same reason sat TV is still so popular everywhere. No cord needed. Each tech will probably leapfrog the other depending on the needs and location of the user. SAT TV was the only way to go at lakeside for many years. Still is in a lot of areas. As for Shaw / StarChoice and being "legal" out of Canada....really? Get serious. First of all, that is a "term of service", not a law. Second, each account can have up to 6 receivers on it. That lowers the cost, per receiver in use. "Big wink".
  16. You're wrong as usual, and Cedros is right, yours is old - the newer sat tech is different of course than cable / fiber streaming but also still has many advantages. Why did Elon Musk just launch tons of them? He's not my favourite person but his tech is usually bleeding edge.
  17. Based on my own experiences there and what I have been told by others, being closed improves the service level.
  18. There's a difference between info about the virus itself and differing opinions on rules, restrictions, etc......vs if someone is asking for or sharing info on this forum about getting jabs or other local info needs. Asking that is no different than asking for computing or propane or other local info and should be kept here IMHO - and yes, kept on track, we can all agree on that part.
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