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  1. Maybe you should read your own comments attacking Justin and all of Canada then. I questioned your comments as being ignorant, not you personally. But if the shoe fits.....
  2. Your comments are so ignorant. 1 - Canada was not attacked on 9/11, however it did land, shelter, and care for thousands of people headed to the USA in Gander, Nfld, which the play "Come From Away" is all about. 2 - These very limited and short term powers are fully supported and requested by the Conservative Premier of Ontario, Canada's largest province, and the head of at least one other federal party 3 - Even the provincial premiers who don't currently need assistance, did not object to this action. 4 - 75% of Canadians FULLY support any and all actions needed to shut down these insurrectionists. 5 - You should stay out of things you know nothing about.
  3. As of yesterday's Emergency Act powers, anyone involved in any blockades in Ottawa or at the borders may: 1 - have their personal accounts frozen, (and with no ability to sue the bank about it, by the way) 2 - have their business accounts frozen (and with no ability to sue the bank about it, by the way) 3 - have their vehicle(s) seized 4 - have their vehicle insurance suspended 5 - be subject to both large fines and jail time #TimesUp
  4. Is it leather? Looks like a possible good deal if so: this price is in CDN $ as a reference:
  5. The rednecks with their guns and big trucks and confederate flags all think they are tough, until they get sent packing back to their shacks and other hidey holes by the police and democratically elected authorities.
  6. Right on.....and they can hang onto this warm blankey, too: 😉
  7. CTV News | News Video - Top National News Headlines - News Videos www.ctvnews.ca/video?playlistId=1.5769001 Head of Motor Truck Council of Canada condemns the blockades and says it like it is: Insurrectionists, not truckers.
  8. The "wanna be truckers" (name only, the real truckers are 90% vaxxed and out doing their jobs) cut and ran like the little bullies they are......200 last night at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor to Detroit, down to about a dozen now. Those dozen will be on a prison bus shortly and order fully restored. Then the forces can move to Ottawa and deal with that group of losers. No mandates are being changed due to this, though the deluded small minded minority can choose to believe what they want to in their alternate universes.
  9. Cell # shown on this link: Contact 1 — Dr. Héctor Haro Gómez (drhectorharo.com)
  10. Yes - and the other part of the problem is, the ignorant rednecks, who apparently don't know that science doesn't come from a politician's FB post. And who don't care what impact their "choices" may have on others in society or do to the greater good.
  11. The mantra of the ignorant and misinformed, "I'm all about Free-Dumb" Viruses don't have little wings and fly around on their own. They are carried in droplets, which the masks stop both entering and exiting.
  12. Then it might have been a lot bigger win than only 6 to 1, Pete. 🏑 🙂
  13. And the PC (President's Choice) brand from Canada, made in France, top quality @ great pricing.
  14. Wow, what's that supposed to be, a threat or intimidation? Pretty weak and pathetic response. Don't worry, HoneyBee sweetie, food and butterflies will still cross the border no matter what the far right morons do or try to do about it. Texas butterfly centre targeted by far-right conspiracies closes over security concerns | CBC Radio
  15. TRY to keep up and / or at least be accurate. He (the Prime Minister) did not "contract Covid", he merely tested positive due to a close contact. Was not sick or symptomatic as he is fully vaxxed and boosted. And he did the right thing, quarantined for the full time required, and was back in Parliament last night for the night session where he (correctly) denounced the far right morons who are occupying the downtown Ottawa streets in their illegally parked trucks while the true heroes of their profession are fully vaxxed (90% or more are), transporting needed goods domestically and cross-border, and are fully supported by both the provincial and national trucking associations who also clearly denounce these illegal actions and blockades / occupations.
  16. This trucker died of COVID-19. Now his mother has a message for convoy protesters | CBC News
  17. He sings the truth and exposes the whacks while creating miles of smiles. What's not to like? 🙂
  18. Please move to CLASSIFIEDS, does not belong here
  19. Several in Chapala also mentioned in this link / thread
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