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  1. Love it! She must be related to the woman who gave them sunflower seeds to put in their pockets......so flowers would grow where their bodies lay.
  2. These sites are both in Pennsylvania, and one of them at least says they do not ship to Mexico. Better to deal locally based on what I have already seen and researched myself. Good prices, good quality products and installations and local support as well.
  3. Highly recommend Go Solar, I have seen STI solar installations with lithium ion batteries of several types, well done and cost effective and getting my own later this year.
  4. The ostrich tried that when the lion came in range....didn't work out too well for it.
  5. I believe that is not correct, though I truly wish it were the case. Definitely a dip in cases in most places. Now comes the relaxation of restrictions and opening up.....how many times has that happened now and then UP we go again, likely with a / the new variant as Ferret mentions. Canada's chief public health doctor is already forecasting a significant fall increase that could see most or all mandates and restrictions needed again. Watch and wait and stay safe......it isn't hard to continue to use care.
  6. You can't resell at a higher cost. Only at a higher price.
  7. I'd give Costco a +1 for the cooperation and assistance too!
  8. It is interesting. However......Not releasing all data does NOT equate to dishonesty. So you are the one raising a red flag, inappropriately, perhaps. Data without context, is just....data. And in the course of 2 years, there have been 4 to 5 waves, many, many variables including vaccines and mandates that modify or potentially modify outcomes, and much more to consider. And there has not been a mass pandemic for over a hundred years.....so they may be out of practice on this kind of data......the Spanish flu was, just a bit, before Microsoft, Apple, and IBM came on the scene. To quote Jack Nicholson.....you couldn't HANDLE all of the data. What IS clear, is that the societies and countries with more controls and health care and compliance, have fared the best.
  9. Adding another traffic light? 😉
  10. They had been open at half capacity plus takeout, until the illegal occupation forced them to fully close since end of Jan. So it is great to see the occupation has been put down and out of business.
  11. Coronavirus: Trump hopes US will shake off pandemic by Easter - BBC News Notes from this: 1 - He didn't say what year..... 2 - "A great American resurrection," the Fox host suggested. (they mis-spoke, they meant to say Insurrection, apparently)
  12. Here's a better one, "Bar Mike Lindell from Canada Day" https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/my-pillows-mike-lindell-barred-from-entering-canada-to-support-convoy-protestors
  13. For anyone who appreciates the great efforts of the White Hat Hackers who shut down the far right GiveSendGo website - enjoy! Frozen far right collection website Frozen personal accounts Frozen business accounts Freezing their asses off in downtown Ottawa and at prairie border crossings (those now cleared now by the way) Theme perhaps? As in, "a cold day in hell before these insurrectionists get anything other than pity"
  14. "Cause I'm a FREE-DUMB loving Texas redneck and the facts don't matter a damn to me"
  15. Three-quarters of Canadians want protesters to 'go home': survey | CTV News Read it and weep, amigo.
  16. They were told "go home now" 3 weeks ago. Then fined. Then fines and jail time were announced. Only now has it come to this. And again, 90% of truckers are fully vaxxed and WORKING and Canadians appreciate and support them. These bozos are mostly blue collar pickup driving seditionists, not decent hard working truckers. If you don't know the whole picture, stay out of the conversation.
  17. Occupiers run away and clear the border, right after Justin's smart move declaration: Trucks leave Alberta border blockade | CTV News Next step, clearing downtown Ottawa.
  18. Rasmussen, the far right research firm that had Trump 10 points ahead of Biden when all others had Biden leading. What a joke. And put "Free-Dumb" in front of anything and drape the flag on it and most of the right will stand up and salute. Pathetic.
  19. @moderator-2 @moderator5 Feel free to close the thread, speaking as the OP, I think it has covered the original intent.
  20. Quoting the President (Reagan) who (correctly) fired all the air traffic controllers when they went rogue and replaced them with military. Good leaders take tough decisions. Ironic, eh? Trudeau is just scratching the surface of what the Emergency Act could do and provide, it is a very minimal, reasonable, time limited and proportional response. If the shoe fits.....
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