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  1. Post a thread here asking for someone coming down to lakeside from Canada to bring it in their luggage. Many are still heading south, driving or flying, and would gladly do it.
  2. Mexico and Canada won the auto parts ruling under the Free Trade deal arbitration action. They were essentially united in that, vs the US, which was taking a very unreasonable hard line position that even the auto manufacturers did not support......a political position trying to add more US jobs, but it would have hurt the entire industry continent wide, so that may have helped the peso and CDN dollar.
  3. Another way to check or confirm the accuracy is take it to the Cruz Roja Chapala, have them use their oximeter and compare the readings. And be sure to donate.....
  4. Not personally but know several people who have done it one or more times and they are very pleased with the results. PRP can be used for backs, knees and other joint areas, and more. Many well known athletes have done it too.
  5. Also good to keep on hand, fondue fuel / methyl alcohol / methyl hydrate (all the same thing) and a fondue burner or two. Candles as well. And here's a good link to use when the power IS working and you just need a visual & audio warm up:
  6. Christmas: The only time of year you can sit in front of an indoor tree and eat candy out of socks.
  7. Call or email STI Solar Technology. ron@solartechnology.com.mx Response, efficient, professional. Very happy with all aspects in my experience and all those I've been referred by who've also used them.
  8. So many people highly recommended Go Solar (STI Solar Technology) to me; and I have been very happy with every aspect - quality, price, and top notch installation and support. Very professional. They have just installed a very large commercial system at the Chapala Country Club, as well as many years of residential systems. I am also using them again to soon add a energy storage & backup system with lithium ion battery technology. No more CFE outages to worry about.
  9. "You're da disease, I'm da cure" (with apologies to Arnold S).......
  10. 1 - What???? Sounds totally hokey / scam like. Beware. The latest fad / ginsu knife / pet rock, most likely. Gifting time of the year, y'know, too. 😉 2 - Please turn OFF your caps lock. THANKS!!! 🙂
  11. Mexico General, or Customs and Immigration. Has nothing to do with lakeside in particular.
  12. Agree strongly, and way excessive too. @traderspoc Get your own web page or social media feed.
  13. To all, see below, this is a "2 letter" PM this board member sent to me.....won't surprise most on the board who are familiar with his antics and idiocy. Nikalos Telsa 29 Started conversation: October 24 F U Quote
  14. 1 - with the jawbone of an A*S*S, one would think, you should be good to go. 2 - stop posting your personal research issues in this lakeside forum, it does not belong here.
  15. Are you still looking for referrals that include long dead practitioners? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  16. Reminds me of something totally different (cat allergy sufferers can definitely relate!)
  17. "Do you want fries with that"? 😉 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/uber-eats-cannabis-delivery-leafly-1.6618476
  18. Sounds like Natasha needs a nice hot relaxing shower. 😉
  19. Pilot-less on demand backup, fed by a solar water heater, is the best way to go. 24/7/365 fast & unlimited hot water with the minimum of gas use. Can't beat this combo for the best combination of convenience and savings (unless you have street fed thermal water, like in Raquet Club) 😉
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