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  1. Do you really believe that MX will let people starve to death? With its ample resources, food supply, and AMLO running the country? Highly unlikely. Better to keep everyone safe and provide for those that need it, for the short term, than have a pandemic spread like wildfire, IMHO.
  2. Bravo Mr. Mod / Sheriff, but it still doesn't belong in the lakeside area. But since no one has helped him yet.....pretty simple if talking the on-screen keyboard; just hit the number / symbol button in the lower left corner and the "@" sign will show up along with all the other numbers and symbols. In this example, right below the "2" key.
  3. 3pm per the Actinver web page https://www.actinver.com/webcenter/portal/Actinver/;jsessionid=LQ4sphWQxFwL3kX2BLZQFmTQft4YgTnyrQlwVGxxgfQQLJS2n8ZJ!1337641452!NONE?_afrLoop=12454024888294573#!%40%40%3F_afrLoop%3D12454024888294573%26_adf.ctrl-state%3Duphmgvzg3_4
  4. The Coercive Covid Cancelled Cruise experience.....wow....could be the gift that truly keeps on giving (or keeps on being re-gifted....)
  5. Did not know that lemmings made plans in advance.....wow. 🤣😷
  6. Ann would say, to respect the social distancing, because this is everyone's business, not an MYOB situation. Your behavior is less than responsible. And personally, I am having groceries delivered, and not shopping, for past 2 weeks, thx for asking.
  7. Doing it at home, vs in the shop, does not respect the concept of social distancing.
  8. That is just a courtesy statement, from the CC company. It is not necessary to call collect. And the same # should work fine for a direct dialed call. At no charge, as mentioned, thx to MX phone policies.
  9. Sympathies, sincerely, to the OP about this. 1 - why is this a topic for this board? 2 - any way to create a protective enclosure (think cow sized "Florida room" screened area) for the mother cows about to give birth? $$$ but maybe a good long term investment and discourage the vultures to go elsewhere? Lot easier than standing guard 24/7 with a rifle....
  10. Everyone: don't feed the OP Troll going forward. No replies, no PM's. And then hopefully, in isolation, like the corona virus, maybe he / it will dry up, blow away, and begone.
  11. Yes, you seem to be a master-baiter, Hud. Enjoy "yourself"
  12. I have a comment to the OP and for the mods STOP posting your every stream of consciousness random thought in the Ajijic section of this board. Get a life. Seriously.
  13. Good start Eric. Now please stop posting, altogether.
  14. Agree. Unfortunately for some here, it appears to be a hobby / career.....maybe the Mods can create a new section just for a certain poster, to avoid so many people having to use the "ignore" button.
  15. Stick around and enjoy the rainy season in MX, instead of the rainy season up north.....many people's favorite time of year @ lakeside. And on the fun side of the wall....
  16. There are two or three ATM machines right by the taxi stand exit door; Scotia and others as mentioned. Same cost, no upcharge. Recommend getting the porter right at the exit door from the baggage claim, he can both assist with and watch their bags while they then use the machine and pay the taxi stand. EZ PZ as mentioned. Really a pretty good setup when used this way.
  17. On a related note, for those with really bad Infinitum service, the Telcel wireless cell modem can be a good option if fiber is not available or too $$$. Telmex - not Telcel - "can" provide one at n/c....IF one goes in and makes a good enough case, that the Infinitum is really bad.... thus saving the 2500 pesos purchase price. The setup process is a bit of a pain, the registration does not work via a Windows PC, one must use a cell phone, found this out the hard way.... However, it does work well, serves 5 devices, has both WiFi and ethernet connections, is only 399 pesos / month, and 10 meg download speed is the minimum, so streaming video is no issue at all. Uploads are more than fast enough as well.
  18. Obviously not dealing with any of these, or all the ones in South Korea that are shutting down as well as their # of cases is now higher than China's..... https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/covid-19-coronavirus-climate-carbon-emissions-china-economy-1.5477466
  19. Here's a thread from last month's board on it that may be helpful to you:
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