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  1. Just send in the requested info, >>> you'll probably never hear back again about it.
  2. Hampton Bay brand from Home Depot is good depending on what selection and pricing is available. But better to check & shop locally first.
  3. The full schedule, also available on the website: http://www.festivaldefebrero.com/
  4. 2 device "intranet": Put Whatsapp on the cell phone, and open Whatsapp Web / Desktop on the PC. Any photos taken on the phone should be instantly fully synced onto the PC. If you take the photo while inside any "contact" person, it happens to be automatically copied to Whatsapp Web on the laptop (from there you can just hit the download icon and it saves onto the hard drive)
  5. Take the info you have, to the municipal offices, and ask them. If they don't have it on file, they may be able to direct you other ways such as thru Hacienda (tax info).
  6. Carro de / parra garrafon. Diablito is the word for the illegal bypass / modification of wiring around a CFE meter (so I've been told.....)
  7. For all service requests made by phone, just get anyone on the line, and then politely say in bad Spanish: "servicio en ingles, por favor" and the person on the line will either speak english or they will connect you to someone who does.
  8. Great to see this, and a big Thank You to the organizers, patrons / supporters, musicians and sponsors. https://festivaldefebrero.com/sponsors Hope the Chili Cookoff can be back in action too, if not this year then for sure in 2024.
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