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  1. Great, another "stable genius", folks. Let's stop feeding the troll.
  2. Canada has taken in many times more immigrants than the USA has, per capita. And done more for and with the Covax vaccine facility and the WHO, as well, pound for pound. Gadfly - Go build another wall. All around yourself. Then you and all others can celebrate.
  3. You are a first class pendejo, amigo. Now USA "Buy American" all of a sudden wants to remove the illegal tariffs it put on Canadian lumber.....because it can't get enough of it's own....oh, boo hoo, suck it up, maybe you can't have any lumber from Canada, Mr. Buy American. And Canadians can enjoy nice lower lumber prices, and availability, of their own product, instead of high prices and shortages so vaccinated Americans can build homes. It's all about you....except, it's not. FlyFree? More like, GadFly.
  4. Because you said this, and because you're just being argumentative and ignorant in general in regard to the vaccines and apparently to defend the glorious USA. The glorious USA that wants to open the borders and go everywhere, way too soon, now that it's OWN people are protected, when others elsewhere, are not. That is insensitive and boorish, not to mention dangerous and belligerent. Over and out with you, arguing with an :() like you just drags me down to your level.
  5. Because it answers YOUR earlier question, genius. And BioNtech is not a US company, by the way. They developed the vaccine (as well as the mRNA technology behind it) and partnered with Pfizer to mass produce it. Get your facts straight and the flagpole out of your a**.
  6. Still a wannabe critic, LOL. Enjoy the heat and hurricanes.
  7. Posting is up. Sorry to disappoint you. And the word is "nonsensical", to help your vocabulary, while you're not playing.
  8. Here's a better question, why won't the US not only NOT share it's own vaccines that it is not using, but won't even allow the manufactureres to export them to Canada and Mexico until, finally, recently?
  9. Breathing OK again now....I thought it said "TAXED" not "VAXED" 🤣
  10. Enough wells go dry, no water to flush with, problem solved....sort of.
  11. While this (image is below), is technically an anti-histamine, many people find it excellent as a decongestant, and without the side effects of things like sudafed / pseudefedrine, or the newer Claritin types. English brand name(s) is Chlor-Trimeton or Chlor-Tripolon, chlorphenamine maleate 4 mg is the generic. Little yellow pills, work great, not a half bad sleep aid either.
  12. MOD Alert: Move it to the Restaurant section please
  13. Can confirm you've joined the group, or that you just see them that way? Or....both? hahahahha
  14. How's that working out for your cell phone? Lot of others joining my recommendation to visit and rent and check things out.
  15. Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Tuesday | CBC News Both Alberta and Ontario have stopped A-Z first doses......saying "they have plenty of mRNA supply now" 😉
  16. Then go do your homework and stop asking here about it. It is not a lakeside topic anyway.
  17. 1 - ask your friends 2 - generally 3 - Ajijic Weather
  18. It's a cell phone, not a major life commitment. Just pick one that fits your hand, eye, and budget and buy it. Seriously.
  19. R U serious? This is almost as bad as the guy trying to pick a new cell phone on here.....at least this is relevant to lakeside tho. Make a visit for several months, rent something in 1 or more places, and check things out directly.
  20. As others have mentioned, if you have a Google account and get a new Android phone now, it is now fast and easy and automated, built into the startup of the new phone, you really almost can't avoid having it done for you. Way different than just a few years ago.
  21. Meanwhile, this regarding the Pfizer MRNA vaccine: (IMHO still preferable to A-Z, by far, due to lower risk and higher efficacy, both). COVID-19: Israel finds possible link between vaccine, myocarditis cases - The Jerusalem Post (jpost.com)
  22. Now 3 deaths in Canada from A-Z....and counting. I think they are going to have to stop using the word "rare"....... New Brunswick reports province’s first death from rare blood clot linked to AstraZeneca’s vaccine Open this photo in gallery Empty vials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, on March 17, 2021. YVES HERMAN/REUTERS New Brunswick health officials are reporting the province’s first death of someone who developed a blood clot after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. The individual in their 60s received the vaccine in mid-April and developed symptoms a week later, chief medical officer of health Dr. Jennifer Russell told reporters Wednesday. She said the person, whose gender was not disclosed, was admitted to hospital and died two days later. “I want to stress that medical complications following vaccination are extremely rare, but they do happen,” Russell said. It is the third reported death in Canada from the rare blood-clotting syndrome known as vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, or VITT. A 54-year-old Quebec woman died last month after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, and Alberta officials announced on Tuesday night the death of a woman in her 50s. Russell said the risk of complications from the vaccine remains very low, between one in 100,000 and one in 250,000 doses. She added that hundreds of thousands of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine have been administered across Canada, the vast majority of them without incident. The province has reported two cases of VITT. Russell said there are two other possible cases that are under investigation, but she wouldn’t provide more details until the investigations are complete. “We will continue to evaluate the use of this vaccine to ensure that risks associated with its use are proportional to the potential consequences of contracting COVID-19,” Russell said. “The risk is not zero using it in people 55 and over, but the information that we have to this date is that the benefits outweigh those risks.”
  23. CFE seems to be getting worse again in the area. I think I'm going to check into backup power systems.
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