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  1. Bars, clubs ordered to close as new Covid mitigation measures kick in (theguadalajarareporter.net) Hospital admissions for Covid-19 surging in Jalisco (theguadalajarareporter.net)
  2. Not all immune systems / responses are created equally.....but being fully vaccinated is the right thing to do and way better than not being protected to whatever extent the vaccine and one's immune system respond. More and better protection for the person and all they come into contact with. That is a fact.
  3. 2011 actually......just to show you people do pay attention to you Pete, I know you were just testing us...... jajajjajaj
  4. Alert to all readers here: I tried this option, and Xoom / Paypal charged it as a cash advance / wire transfer, instead of a purchase. So the credit card that is linked to my Paypal account was charged a cash advance fee of $3.50 dollars, PLUS they charge interest on the amount of the payment from the time the "purchase" is made. I would highly recommend, based on my experience, NOT to use Xoom / Paypal, although I am informed that using a debit card linked to the Paypal account, instead of a credit card, may avoid this issue. I assume also having a balance on one's Paypal account, could also do that. FYI so you don't get the same hit that I did......and if anyone has further info on this, please post it back here. Thank you.
  5. B 12 shots - easy to do at home. Just get the B 12 liquid (Cyanocobalamin Injection, usually comes in a 10 ml small bottle) and a IM syringe (get 10 of them). 3 ml size, 25 G x 1 inch (.5mm x 25mm metric) Each dose / shot is typically 1 ml, takes 30 sec to do at home.
  6. We all agreed on this thread to go by these "rules", so everyone give it a rest. MC has done this for years and has this covered. If you want to change the game next time, then speak up earlier.
  7. If you have nothing better to do then ask questions and fight on the web-board, get off your a** and do your research in person. Or call an agent.
  8. Questions started in Feb 2019, not 2020. Yes, point understood and taken about the pandemic. Still a bizarre way to "research" water supplies of rentals IMHO.
  9. Car Rentals - Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara - Chapala.com Webboard So have you ever visited in the 2 years you've been asking questions? Wow, some people just visit and figure things out in person. Hmmmmmmmmm.........does makes one wonder.
  10. As usual, you are wrong, again: Reverse osmosis demineralization (lenntech.com)
  11. Removes so many and such a high % that RO water is allowed to be called "demineralized", so get a life.
  12. Apparently everyone needs a hobby.....
  13. Riberas Del Pilar is booming - Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara - Chapala.com Webboard Read some of the latest posts like barrbowers
  14. If you're worried about "water issues" for a RENTAL, then you're not going to make it, personality wise, in Mexico.
  15. Actually, it does, as RO removes the minerals you are concerned about and will save you a lot of $$ too.
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