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  1. "You're da disease, I'm da cure" (with apologies to Arnold S).......
  2. 1 - What???? Sounds totally hokey / scam like. Beware. The latest fad / ginsu knife / pet rock, most likely. Gifting time of the year, y'know, too. 😉 2 - Please turn OFF your caps lock. THANKS!!! 🙂
  3. Mexico General, or Customs and Immigration. Has nothing to do with lakeside in particular.
  4. This is not a lakeside related post, mods, please move or delete.
  5. Agree strongly, and way excessive too. @traderspoc Get your own web page or social media feed.
  6. To all, see below, this is a "2 letter" PM this board member sent to me.....won't surprise most on the board who are familiar with his antics and idiocy. Nikalos Telsa 29 Started conversation: October 24 F U Quote
  7. 1 - with the jawbone of an A*S*S, one would think, you should be good to go. 2 - stop posting your personal research issues in this lakeside forum, it does not belong here.
  8. Are you still looking for referrals that include long dead practitioners? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  9. Reminds me of something totally different (cat allergy sufferers can definitely relate!)
  10. "Do you want fries with that"? 😉 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/uber-eats-cannabis-delivery-leafly-1.6618476
  11. Sounds like Natasha needs a nice hot relaxing shower. 😉
  12. Pilot-less on demand backup, fed by a solar water heater, is the best way to go. 24/7/365 fast & unlimited hot water with the minimum of gas use. Can't beat this combo for the best combination of convenience and savings (unless you have street fed thermal water, like in Raquet Club) 😉
  13. You too Pete. And to everyone; do wear, and / or keep wearing, masks on planes and other shared indoor spaces. Have heard this same / similar situation several times recently.
  14. Lic. Alvaro Becerra, the long time immigration consultant, lawyer, and info provider weekly at the LCS. email: alvaro100(at)yahoo.com Highly recommended, expert, and reasonable.
  15. Great fun update on dealing with spam & fraud calls as a senior! https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/first-person/article-i-love-getting-spam-calls-heres-how-i-deal-with-them/
  16. Or get a water bed, and chill. 🙂
  17. There is a section for this, as you've been told many times: STOP posting your promotions here in the main section. Charitable and Other Events Upcoming News of upcoming events at Lake Chapala Communities.
  18. Stop posting your charitable events in the main listing.   Put it in the CHARITABLE EVENTS area where it belongs.    You have been told about this before. 

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