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  1. No one has yet mentioned driving east to Mezcala and taking a guide & boat trip out to the fort / prison on Mezcala Island, and there is also a Museum in Mezcala with more info about the history of it. Nice 1/2 day trip to do.
  2. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shmiller/albums/72157601993828026/ Very well documented here, 9/11/2007 Above link mostly Raquet Club, this one is SJC Village: https://www.flickr.com/photos/49882128@N00/sets/72157602062311039/
  3. Well.....many also recall "9/11" was the date of the giant mudslide in San Juan Cosala and Raquet Club.....so good to be past that this year anyway.
  4. Another sad post with an unlikely event by whatever this person's real name is. And if true, any decent electrician can handle it in about 10 minutes. Or call CFE. "next".
  5. Contact STI Solar Technology, Ron and his team are the best. ron(at)solartechnology.com.mx CFE bills have been much higher than normal this year from all I talk to, due to the very long and very hot dry season. So it may settle down with the rainy season. But I know they have saved more than one person a lot of $$ by diagnosing the problem correctly. One person in Riberas got a 70,000 peso quote from another solar company, saying her system did not work any more and needed to be replaced. Ron's team found and fixed the real problem, a continuously running aljibe pump.
  6. Thought this was a very different post until I got to the last word of the heading. 😉
  7. Sounds like you need a water filter to go along with the oil filter and air filter! ha ha ha
  8. Not the best time to be sun bathing in way too many places around the world! 🤣
  9. @Lexy Have you considered going to PROFECO and filing a case? No cost to you, the gov't does this. CI Banco will NOT want to deal with that......go to their manager, tell them that is your next step, and that you just want your money that their ATM did not give you. A fair last chance to CI, then off to PROFECO you go, they have a lot of power to investigate and resolve a wide range of consumer to business issues.
  10. Every home is different, as most need more wiring and gas line than is included with the factory kit. And to hide the lines (open and close walls) would also add cost. Contact recommended providers and get a quote, I know it is great value and like 75% less than it would be NOB (US or C).
  11. Exactly. My view of this to use a parallel kind of thing: If someone was mis-representing themselves as part of Cruz Roja, or Ninos Incapacitados, to solicit money, and someone got taken in by that and gave $$ and thus was defrauded......should they keep it to themselves or share it out with others for the greater good? There was no intent to belittle or humiliate Ibarra in any way, just to get it out there that these kinds of things aren't always true or real, even if they are a feel good moment.
  12. Sharing the truth in an empathetic way for the intent of the post is hardly "terrible". #DealWithIt. What is YOUR problem?
  13. This is a joke & ha-ha fun posting thread anyway, maybe take a look in the mirror there, unwind a bit.
  14. Ibarra's post is a touching one and how true we wish it was for both the animal world and humans too. However.....apparently it is an old and early "deep fake": (sorry folks!) https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/09/30/fact-check-altered-image-shows-elephant-carrying-lion-cub/5929997001/
  15. Not even close. They also badly screwed up an installation for people we know in Ajijic and then legally threatened them if they complained to PROFECO. "Please DO do your due diligence".
  16. Most highly recommend Go Solar, STI Solar Technology. Ron and his team are aces in all solar systems; I am so impressed and happy with the quality, value, and service they have shown me and many others I know. Featured in this article too in the Guad Reporter recently: https://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/featured/59756-jalisco-top-dog-in-mexico-in-solar-panel-energy-generation
  17. Go Solar / STI has a great installed price, every home is different but with "standard" installation of 4 meters of distance from the inside to outside unit, (if not needing very long electrical or refrigerant line extensions) I believe a high efficiency inverter unit with both cold and heating is in the 16,000 to 17,000 peso range. Almost silent and working great. ron(at)solartechnology.com.mx
  18. We have Mirage AC units supplied and installed by the team of Go Solar (STI Solar Technology). Top quality and very professional installation at great pricing. They also fixed up the "installation" of several units of our neighbour that were not done properly by another company, and did a great job for them too.
  19. Talk to Lynda Anderson at the LCS on the days she is working (volunteering) there. She uses one as daily transport and knows a lot about it. Hers was converted to lithium-ion batteries from Go Solar (STI Solar Technology) and she is very happy, no maintenance, it runs beautifully, and with 300 pounds less weight in the cart than before, she says the suspension is also much improved over the cobbles and topes on the back streets.
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