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  1. El Torrito has: Red, Green, Yellow and Mossaman Curry. Edit: As powders not paste
  2. Monthly bank statements (Emailed PDFs) have worked for me and others I know.
  3. I was looking at the positive part. I'll try harder in the future to focus on the negative. 😉 Seriously: Thank you for you honest response.
  4. Are you disagreeing that: " In Mexico, if you are disabled you will be treated extremely well."?
  5. I agree that Mexico treats disabled AND elderly, with a high degree of respect.
  6. Not for me now, but it happened on an older phone years ago. Rebooted the phone and it stopped.
  7. There are cbd gummies made in the USA for sale at Señor Dodo, as well. Edit: I do not know what kind of testing they have gone through.
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