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  1. You folks are fabulous. I could not have wished for a better collection of information. I rode the buses in Brazil extensively and always loved the adventure of it all....sometimes packed and sometimes less so! The key will be: Is there a bus route nearby? Maybe a short walk I bet. Thank you to all!
  2. I am guessing the local buses run from Joco to SJC to Ajijic to Chapala and perhaps beyond. Curious to know how far, how often, how early, how late and how much. As a new resident at 70 years old, can I get the Senior Citizen discount and how much is the discoun? Are there specified Bus Stops? Do fares change depending on how far one travels? I also understand there are large and small buses but I don't know what that means. My Google search was inconclusive. Any bus travelers? Thank you in advance.
  3. I was seeking the weight and dimensions of his telescope and the books. Also, he stated it was too expensive to use a suitcase. I was asking how much he was quoted.
  4. Could you share the weight and approximate dimensions of your items. Plus, you said the extra suitcase fees were high. How much were they?
  5. I wonder Michael Ray, if a quick visit with your daughter in tow might be appropriate. Perhaps her input would make her feel like a part of the process and, she might even like it??
  6. Here is what a quick Google search reveled: www.jcrocket.com/xalapa01.shtml http://modelrocketbuilding.blogspot.com/2014/06/more-adventures-in-mexico.html https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/cohete-modelo The quick answer appears to be yes. The Mercadolibre in Mexico is selling engines and kits. I am in the Air Force Auxiliary and we teach rocketry to our Cadet Corps. They love it!
  7. Good call Ron...the first thing I did was open every discussion that might have a few juicy morsels. Lotsa great stuff!
  8. Good morning again You Lovely People, I had such a fabulous outpouring of ideas when I asked about traveling to Costco...it looks like we don't specifically need to go....SO... We will be arriving in Ajijic Dec 7 and departing Dec 14. We have some things planned but would love any suggestions. Here is the plan: We are looking at the possibility of retiring in a year and moving to La Ribera. We want to see why everyone finds it wonderful... So many of you are recent arrivals, some have not even arrived yet and some have been there for years. If folks are willing to share their ideas of what we could or should see to help us in this process...it would be wonderful!! We have an AirBnB and we have arranged transport to and from the airport. David and Lynn Winston Salem, NC EEUU 336-995-8863 david@davidrodwell.com
  9. You folks are tops...It appears that the Costco is pretty much the same. Since I went online thanks to Ferret, I can even see the prices. So I think it's Ix nay on the trip to Costco. One of you lovely people even offered to drive my lovely wife and me to Costco...you are all a special bunch of folks...maybe the best reason to make the move. You even have a Go Solar that especially warms the cockles of my heart...I am warned if they get to hot to rub them with dry ice but that's another story. So since it is a bit daunting to try to figure what to see in our very limited first visit, I think I will simply post a request to that end.
  10. So it sounds like your Costco is like our Costco here??? Really? Is it completely American? Well in some way disturbing
  11. This to determine if we’ll want to bring our stuff from NOB or simply replace everything when we arrive! I would maintain the beauty of CopperCanyon? Chiapas? Oaxaca? Puerto Vallarta? Will all be there! This is going to be a working trip hopefully with some serious research (bass fishing)!
  12. This to determine if we’ll want to bring our stuff from NOB or simply replace everything when we arrive! I would maintain the beauty of CopperCanyon? Chiapas? Oaxaca? Puerto Vallarta? Will all be there! This is going to be a working trip hopefully with some serious research (bass fishing)!
  13. Hello You Lovely People the week of Dec 7-14, I’d like to go from Ajijic to Costco and back to Ajijic. The LCS bus goes the 19th long after I will have gone NOB. I am guessing it’s a question of cost vs of convenience??? Any thoughts of some good ways to make this voyage of discovery?? David Rodwell Winston-Salem, NC EEUU
  14. I think anonymity is the cornerstone in some programs... But it seems this very anonymity brings out the reptile brain in some! Just read some of the coarsest, crudest and uncalled for remarks left on a youtube post aimed at the most innocent people! Perhaps our behavior degrades when we are sure no one is watching! David Rodwell Winston Salem, NC EEUU
  15. Hello You Lovely People, It was pointed out by one of you that no one here uses their real names. I am willing to give mine up...just wondering what dangers could befall me. I have had this name for 70 years and have grown somewhat attached. Why the handles and not real names? Joseph Snake Alagoinhas, Brasil
  16. I guess it kinda matters why the move is happening: If it's work related, lotsa families move all over the states and world. IBM, military families and Methodists Ministers are faced with this all the time. While change can be hard on each family member, it is not impossible. Under these circumstances, everyone copes. If the move is based on a desire to see another culture for a few years like Tim Ferris promotes in his book "The 4 Hour Work Week", then I would say maybe delaying the bug out for a year. The other piece of this, unless you are living in a motel or an RV, making a move of this magnitude generally takes a fair amount of time to pull off. If you are in a house you own, it's hard to imagine you could accomplish the move before this year's school session is over anyway. If she's 16, I am guessing she is a rising Senior...problem somewhat solved. Just some random thoughts.
  17. Hey Paco Loco, I got this rig about a year ago, coupled it with a Hustler 4 band vertical installed 3 feet from my house w/o radials...just a couple of ground rods. With only 100 watts from North Carolina my first contact was Eastern Europe...for a few weeks if I could hear them, I could work them!!!! Now, I can't hear any beacons, any QSOs at all...not nothing. Dead, zip, zero, zilch! I prefer 20 meters so it's the deadest of the dead. So I expect this rig goes on the block so I can buy a Gibson ES-339...rock and roll.
  18. Good morning you lovely people, In my research preparing to make the move to Lakeside, I am hearing anecdotally that Americans are not allowed the use ham radio gear in Mexico...ever! That seemed a bit unusual. I am a ham "WB0QOA" and would want to bring a modest desktop radio. If indeed, I am not allowed, I would probably bring it anyway and see if a local Mexican amateur radio operator might want to buy it. Anybody up to date on this little piece of knowledge?? This is my complete station in the small picture and the larger image in just the transceiver. This is the Kenwood TS-570D. Pretty cute huh!!
  19. WOW Liana, Thank you...I went to several sites explaining the program in more detail...I feel like a moron. I thought all the rainbow signs were designations of the Pueblos Mágicos.... Tambien, estoy estudiando diariamente poque mi gustaria hablar sin accento como usted. Gracias.... iAdoro su Purépecha! David Rodwell
  20. Thanks to all of you for jumping in with great answers... I did not even ask about amateurs radio operators or amateur magicians...you are in a Cuidad Magica after all!!! Looking forward to meeting some of you lovely folks in December!! David Rodwell, Winston Salem, NC EUA
  21. I lost my marbles many years ago!
  22. Hello all you lovely people, My wife and I are exploring a move to La Ribera and to that end, we're heading down in December to reconnoiter. I have been happily watching all the videos from the two Jerrys and have learned a bunch.....but!! I have a few passions: 1. I have been playing guitar for 55 years (you'd think I'd be better at it than I am) and love love love the Blues and Rock and Roll. I am hoping there are a few other old farts also so inclined. I plan to come down, once we move, with a few guitars and an amp or two. I am guessing gear is pretty available in Guadalajara?? 2. I have been flying since 1979 and I do see a little airport up the road right on the lake. Any pilots out there? 3. I am a very passionate Largemouth Bass and Trout angler. I keep reading reports of some of the best Bass fishing in the world on Laguna Chapala or nearby. Looks like there is even a fishing club. I will surely be looking for some folks who want to drink coffee and swap a few lies! Oh...almost forgot...I have been hearing rumors about Peacock Bass. Do I have to go to the Amazon or have a few made it north? We have joined the Society and been in contact with a few folks. We are coming down in December for our first "feet on the ground" look see! Hope to meet a few of you. David Rodwell, Winston Salem, NC david@davidrodwell.com
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