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  1. Great price and better coverage than the Gieco affiliate....thank you! Just bought it!
  2. Thank you....Many listings on the web. Do you have the state?
  3. My wife and I are driving to Ajijic very soon. Mexico requires we carry at least liability coverage on our car. Any recommendations for Lakeside companies that offer this tourist car coverage?? Thank you David
  4. Good morning you lovely people, As our potential move to Lakeside approaches, I am faced with the issue of my hobby woodworking shop. Table saw, band saw, drill press, router table, miter saws and all the other small items. I just priced a Sierra de Mesa at Home Depot in Guadalajara...$MX40,000 for something I picked up used for $US300 used NOB. Is it reasonable to think all these items can be sourced locally, used at reasonable prices? I know, after getting a permanent visa I can bring my household down. Any thoughts would be appreciated. David Rodwell
  5. That basically means to get temporal or permanente one needs to earn more than vast vast majority of Mexicans…curious!
  6. Hearing some rumbles about MX increasing savings requirements and monthly income requirements for temporal..etc. Apparently each Consulado or individual functionary has discretion to raise or lower the requirements. Have been unable to independently verify any of this. Anyone have an ear to the wall?
  7. Hello you lovely people, A couple of years ago, I seem to remember someone published a very detailed set of driving directions from Texas to Chapala. I remember is was all Toll Roads and considered very safe! Anyone remember where it is? Thanks all!
  8. Sounds promising...thank you! We will begin the tracking!
  9. We've had both our shots...and anyway surgeons have been wearing masks for years!
  10. Hi Mitch, I was there in November and paid about $400 pesos...around $20 US as I recall. Return trip was at 3am and I got charged more. This guy took me all over Lakeside while I was there. Always on time and fair prices: Moises Padilla moisespadilla321@gmail.com 011 52 331 456 6668....pretty fair English as well!
  11. Good morning you lovely people, My wife and I are planning our third trip Lakeside but this time with a plan to have some elective surgery done. I have scoured this webboard for plastic surgery advice and most of what I have found is old and many of the suggestions are no longer around...ie Casita Montana and Anne Dyer! It looks like most of the information got PMed which we would welcome. In any event, we'd love to hear any names that we could explore!! Thank you in advance for your help! David Rodwell WInston Salem, NC
  12. Hello all you lovely people, I will be in Ajijic for a couple of weeks...starting next week. On my last trip from NOB, the TSA absconded with my Nyquil which keeps my nose open when I sleep. Could not find it in the DFW airport during the layover or the Farmacia Guadalajara or even Walmart,Chapala. Hard to believe the drug companies don't have a look alike in Mexico. Anyone have an idea? David Rodwell Winston Salem, NC
  13. Read your citation from Reverb...it appears the industry is happy and it appears the changes that made that way came later...I marked the relevant passages. Am I reading it wrong? ========================================================================================================== On August 28, 2019, (this is August) the Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna (CITES) in Geneva, Switzerland voted to exempt finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories from CITES restrictions on all rosewood species except Brazilian rosewood. The restrictions on Brazilian rosewood, whose endangered species status and restrictions predate those on other kinds of rosewood, remain in place. As of November 26, 2019 (and this is after the August 28th), the exemption for musical instruments is now in effect, according to the CITES convention. The US Fish and Wildlife Service will no longer issue permits for the export of finished musical instruments, parts, and accessories, bringing an end to much of the headaches that have plagued the musical instruments industry for the last several years.
  14. I will watch this tomorrow but the CITES document I read appears to exempt musical instruments...is that incorrect??
  15. Impressive...I looked it up! You are right on the money...my mind is at ease!
  16. I agree...some guy working the night shift would have no idea and probably care less....but... There are horror stories in the EU about guitars seized and tied up for long periods of time!!
  17. She's a beauty...rosewood sides and back???
  18. I have heard it's a must go place!! The festival sound pretty fab! Just how good a guitar do they make there???
  19. Hello all you musicians... The Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna seeks to control the movement of certain woods and other flora and fauna. Brazilian Rosewood guitars are particularly susceptible to very close inspection. I own a 50 year Brazilian acoustic guitar and a Gibson with a Rosewood fret board. Does anyone know if these guitars would be of concern to the Mexican Aduana folks???
  20. This page from their website discusses the cafeteria: https://gdl.hma.com.mx/servicios-hospitalarios/otros-servicios/
  21. We have just arrive at Lakeside for a week and want use UBER! I checked w/ UBER before leaving NOB and I am told my normal UBER App should work just fine! Problem is normally I would see where all UBER cars are ....but I see none Lakeside or Guad for that matter. Any thoughts?
  22. Try contacting bennadancer@yahoo.com Breen Miller. She is teaching a class at the Lake Chapala Society headquarters. Look on this page about halfway down: https://lakechapalasociety.com/public/
  23. I am on a mission from god!! My sweetie would like to know the cost of a manicure/pedicure and a couple of places Lakeside she might go? We'll be arriving Saturday David Rodwell
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