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  1. See and download photos from thriller dancers in Ajijic getting painted-up and into character at sites.google.com/view/portraitbywayne
  2. Register to receive photographs from local photographers Photographers need experience taking photographs of Models and male and female Models need photographs for their portfolio. I have placed a Registry on my website ( http://sites.google.com/view/portraitbywayne ) to help make that happen. If you are an aspiring model (male or female) Please read the instructions and register. Hopefully, area photographers will make a portrait and email it to you at your registration email address And I will be one of those photographers. Saturdays plaza 1 pm and Wednesdays Farmers market 11 am. http://sites.google.com/view/portraitbywayne Photographers if you see a person and a white card is visable with characters M1?? on it they are Models needing portraits of themselves for a portfolio. Make a portrait and look up the M number on their card and email the photo to the email address on their registration.
  3. I want to try and produce a photo of the vendor, their whole stand and the items each vendor is selling. Some I know will be reluctant because they produce many of these items creatively by hand and do not want them copied by others. Some with opt-out which is fine. This coming Wednesday I will go to each and ask them (actually I will show them a card with this explained in Spanish) and if they agree I will take photos and have them on http://sites.google.com/view/portraitbywayne by Thursday or Friday of the same week. Please come by, what is better than free. jsringo Member Posts : 32 Join date : 2017-11-24 Age : 78 Location : Chapala Humor : dry I am told by many
  4. I brought expensive cameras in with a laptop and had no problem on a plane from San Antonio to Guadalajara. You are able to bring two suitcases or boxes of certain dimensions and 50lbs or less on a bus. Six months later I brought a desktop computer and two screens and immigration charged me 1500 pesos. So you could bring the books and telescope in by bus and I would not think they would charge for the books but the telescope is iffy.
  5. Photographs from farmers market on Wednesday and two QuinceaƱeras on Saturday. Some new portraits, one of Jerry Brown (Jerry Brown's travels - youtube) and others I ran into in the Plaza also the marathon race plus a 50 year anniversary wedding. There are photos of flowers suitable for hanging and photos from previous Day of the Dead. Take a peek at http://sites.google.com/view/portraitbywayne
  6. Rain-storm has opened the internet Ilox box on the pole at 499a Utrella or Ultrea San Juan Cosala August 13 2019
  7. Recent cell phones can now be used as a hotspot. If you have android go into settings and then more you can see how to set up a hotspot. I set it up and can now use my palmtop computer anywhere I go as long as I take my cellphone. My desktop computer connects to the hotspot but gives and error when I try to bring a file or program open. I checked online and no one has a workable solution for computers that won't work with windows type computers, but at least I can use my palmtop anywhere that has cell service. Just sayin.
  8. Photos from local wedding will be also available as they take place - check back late Saturdays and Sunday.
  9. I have close to 200 photos of the marathon race held in Ajijic on july 14, 2019. I set them so you may download a high quality copy of any if you wish. The URL is https://sites.google.com/view/portraitbywayne I have portrait type photos of runners and attendees plus finish line photos.
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