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  1. That's interesting you say "No, I did not try to sue, nor do I piss into the wind." I'm looking at trying to find a lawyer to go into mediation with a nursing home who neglected to hydrate my husband, resulting in a severe bladder infection, then changing a catheter, profuse bleeding. And I mean profuse. He went to ER in GDL, where they allegedly discovered another problem, then, after a colonoscopy and antibiotics, had a heart attack and needed CPR for 20 minutes. Si I can't go after the nursing home? Its pissing in the wind?
  2. Hi,I read your story, and your update. Some people on social media are real asses. I wanted to ask you for your partner's lawyer friend in GDL. I have a problem and need a lawyer ASAP.  

  3. I saw on a post about atty you had a recommendation for an atty in GDL. I'm looking for an atty in GDL and would love to have that recommendation. Thanks. 

  4. You can PM me if you haven't found a place for your mother. I moved my husband here 13 months ago from a nursing home in Thailand. We're from the US, but had traveled quite a bit before we were in a situation where we needed a nursing home. The problem with Thailand is that it is half way around the world., long flights to get there and 12 hour difference time zone. Great place, Swiss run, but not many English speakers. Brought him here thinking with more English speakers, he'd have a better fit. In a way, that was true. More Americans/Canadians, which was better for him than French/German speakers. PM me and I can give you advice. Since you're close, the best thing might be to make a trip down and meet some of the nursing home owners and staff. Seeing a place makes all the difference in the world.
  5. Ah, that explains it. My husband and I went to Ajijic so he could go into a nursing home, while I returned to the US to work. Someone at one of the homes we looked at said it was possible to get his extension without his leaving Mexico. This was last month. I'm back in the US trying to figure out how to arrange his extension before it turns into a crisis. He has a doctor at his Ajijic nursing facility, so the medical certification won't be a problem. If anyone has a suggestion for an attorney to help me with an extension, I'd appreciate a message.
  6. I've heard there are lawyers who can take care of getting an extension without your leaving the country. This isn't true?
  7. We got tourists visa at the airport. I asked for 180 day visas. My question is on getting the 180 day extension. I've heard from people there is a way of getting the extension without leaving Mexico, but can't seem to find information online. Anyone got any links or suggestions of someone to contact to solve this problem?
  8. Here it is, a year later, and I'm looking for the same information. My husband is 80, and needs more help than I can give him in our home as I am younger, still working, and trying to clean up our house to sell. I'm stuck in a situation where I can't do anything as long as I am encumbered with out New Hampshire house, and its thousands of pounds of HIS collections. Last year I moved him into a care facility in Thailand, and it's more or less worked out... but Thailand is so hot, and so far away that I want to see if its possible to move him to the Lake Chapala area. It's not a situation of my dumping an elderly person in a home -- I realize that happens not only in Mexico, but also the US and Thailand. It comes down to the US health care system does not provide much of an alternative. We have too much money for him to qualify for Medical, which would pop in after the 3 months Medicare allows, and the laws have now changed where they can attach your home and personal property to cover nursing care costs. Not a big deal, as we don't have kids -- but we need to have the money stretch out long enough to cover my care. That's the problem. I think the issue of nursing home care is going to get worse, as we're all getting older, and many more are having problems taking care of themselves or their parents.
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