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  1. With a new passport you can circumvent the system and get a new or 2nd TIP. First you need to get a FMM turista for the new TIP. Once you are issued the Tourist permit you lose your residente permanente, as Alan posted in article 64 #2
  2. You pay 16% (IVA) of the value LESS your personal exemption
  3. Thanks, that was to easy. It was right in front of my nose. The policy I buy for the USA also includes coverage for Canada. https://www.nuagentesonline.com/agents/b6769fb6897300b3dfddc232635dccf9/index.php
  4. Thanks Ferret but Google is not very helpful. Neither was Bing. Almost all USA auto policies include Canada. My Mexican insurance doesn't include the USA and Canada. I buy per day policies for for my trips to the USA. There doesn't seem to be any companies selling 7-14 day policies for Canada. Are there insurance offices near the border area that sell per day insurance like they have in Mexico?
  5. I am hoping some of you Canadians might know the answer or point me in the correct directions. I am a US citizen with a Mexican residente permanente. My truck, trailer, and scooter are Mexican plated. Where can I purchase a short term tourist insurance policy for Canada?
  6. Electrika/Banco Azteca sells libertads at most of their branches all over Mexico. The price is posted on their website and changes daily. Today's price is 420p per onza. https://www.bancoazteca.com.mx/
  7. I have been stopped twice over the years on the USA side heading south and had to count out my money. Both times I had an RV and was searched.
  8. Nogales and Anzalduas are 2 I have heard about. Some people try to do the online application. I have read that they are unable to complete the application because they are checking the GVW using the VIN. Earlier this week I spoke with a man that got a TIP at Colombia for an ex U-Haul F450 box van moving to Lakeside. As usual in Mexico, it is hit and miss. The law is decided by the person you need the permit from.
  9. Rick this year, several people have been turned back with trucks having a GVW over 7700 pounds. Not all but quite a few have.
  10. Truck campers do not require TIP's.
  11. Fred, in Jocotepec I signed up with UNET fiber. It has been working great. It took a couple of weeks to install. They have an office in centro
  12. I took the Lagos de Moreno bypass last week. Lots of new asphalt.
  13. Crossed at Anzalduas this morning. I went to the voluntary declare line. 5 minute inspection of my list, 10 minute wait to pay taxes, 5 minutes to check in with INM. Then off I went.
  14. I have a spot available in Joco centro if anyone is still looking
  15. I just rented one of the homes Fred shared. A nice home at a great price. Muchos gracias Fred and hope to meet you soon.
  16. Hola Fred, sent you a pm. Can you share the contacts and information you have?
  17. I sent you a private message, check your inbox
  18. Maybe I can help. I have a truck and cargo trailer. I am bringing a load into Chapala in a couple of days if you would like to meet.
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