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  1. 11 hours ago, Lou Quillio said:


    Heck, people on no more than a tourist visa often drive a truckload of furniture items for uso personal south and pay no duty. It just has to really be for personal use, and look like it. If there's any suspicion you have items for sale, you'll have problems.



    You are to stop and declare any merchandise over $300 in value total.  You are to pay tax.  You will receive a receipt that can instantly be checked on SAT website.

    Otherwise you are a smuggler.


  2. 18 hours ago, tazman said:

    Citibanamex's is advertising for American business, their executives say that they are happy to open accounts for us and then proceed to spend 2 hours filling out and entering the paperwork.  Mexico City bean counters then claim signatures don't match when they clearly do.

    The dictionary definition of "bogus":

    Bogus -adjective

    not genuine or true; fake.
    "a bogus insurance claim"

    Another example: Toyhauler 4u made a bogus argument when he contradicted tazman's post about Citibanamex.


    Let us know which bank will open an account for you and how easy it was.  Good luck.

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  3. I cross the border frequently.  I am asked all the time about currency.  I have been stopped by CBP going south, asked about money (last month Eagle Pass) and had them count my money. 

    There are 2 sets of laws in play.  You must declare to Mexico and you must declare to the USA.  Mexico has confiscated money at airports, Cancun, for not reporting.

    Why take the chance?  It takes 5 minutes to comply.

    BTW, if you are traveling as a "couple" once you hit $10,000 you must report it.  It is not $10,000 each person






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  4. Here is an idea I have never seen on Youtube.   Interviewing Mexicans who live in the expat community.  Waiters, maids, drivers, gardeners, Mexican business owners. They probably have varies ideas, opinions about living with US and Canadian immigrants.  Just show the truth and don't go into it with a slant.


    I would watch that.



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