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  1. There aren't any. Stay in town and take the old 80D bypass thru the industrial area.
  2. You are to stop and declare any merchandise over $300 in value total. You are to pay tax. You will receive a receipt that can instantly be checked on SAT website. Otherwise you are a smuggler.
  3. That is where I ended up after going thru some of the same crap you did.
  4. Let us know which bank will open an account for you and how easy it was. Good luck.
  5. It is not bogus. Many banks outside the USA do not want Americans as customers. IRS regulations, FACTA, make it difficult on foreign banks. American clients are not worth having to comply with the regulations.
  6. I cross the border frequently. I am asked all the time about currency. I have been stopped by CBP going south, asked about money (last month Eagle Pass) and had them count my money. There are 2 sets of laws in play. You must declare to Mexico and you must declare to the USA. Mexico has confiscated money at airports, Cancun, for not reporting. Why take the chance? It takes 5 minutes to comply. BTW, if you are traveling as a "couple" once you hit $10,000 you must report it. It is not $10,000 each person
  7. Maybe I can assist you? I have done this many times. Do you want it driven or towed? Email me at toyhauler4u@gmail.com for info and references.
  8. Coopers are good tires and made locally in El Salto. Michelin are better. Check the date of manufacture to make sure they are fresh.
  9. Maybe I can assist. I have a truck and trailer. You load, I drive, you unload. Long haul only. Send me a pm if interested
  10. I use Here WeGo maps. You can download and keep the entire MX map. No need for internet to use maps.
  11. I would speak with Pat's Plates. He has worked with folk legalizing under the "Chocolate" program. https://www.facebook.com/patsplatespv/ I would stay away from the UCD program. You are asking for trouble if you are not in a rural area. It is for farmers not retired expats.
  12. Maybe I can assist you. I have a truck, trailer and go by San Carlos all the time. Email me at toyhauler4u@gmail.com to communicate further.
  13. Maybe I can help. I have a truck and cargo trailer and offer assisted do it yourself style moving . email me at toyhauler4u@gmail.com for more info (I will not answer questions here)
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