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  1. Maybe I can assist you? I have done this many times. Do you want it driven or towed? Email me at toyhauler4u@gmail.com for info and references.
  2. Coopers are good tires and made locally in El Salto. Michelin are better. Check the date of manufacture to make sure they are fresh.
  3. Maybe I can assist. I have a truck and trailer. You load, I drive, you unload. Long haul only. Send me a pm if interested
  4. I use Here WeGo maps. You can download and keep the entire MX map. No need for internet to use maps.
  5. I would speak with Pat's Plates. He has worked with folk legalizing under the "Chocolate" program. https://www.facebook.com/patsplatespv/ I would stay away from the UCD program. You are asking for trouble if you are not in a rural area. It is for farmers not retired expats.
  6. Maybe I can assist you. I have a truck, trailer and go by San Carlos all the time. Email me at toyhauler4u@gmail.com to communicate further.
  7. Maybe I can help. I have a truck and cargo trailer and offer assisted do it yourself style moving . email me at toyhauler4u@gmail.com for more info (I will not answer questions here)
  8. Be careful in regards to Orizaba. 9 month out of the year it is in the "smoke and ash" zone.
  9. Just finished a trip today from Lakeside to Nogales. I am driving a SRW pickup truck and pulling a 2 axle trailer. Took 15D autopista. Tolls were 6098p (including 2 tope tolls in Vicam.)
  10. Maybe I can assist you. I do this all the time, door to door. I have lots of references. If you want more info email me toyhauler4u (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send my pamphlet
  11. Here is an idea I have never seen on Youtube. Interviewing Mexicans who live in the expat community. Waiters, maids, drivers, gardeners, Mexican business owners. They probably have varies ideas, opinions about living with US and Canadian immigrants. Just show the truth and don't go into it with a slant. I would watch that.
  12. I have a near new Black & Decker electric mower I will sell you, 2000p
  13. How much do you want to change? At what rate do you want?
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