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  1. Wanted 2013 Honda CRV. Would also consider Nissan Rogue 2015 or RAV4 2012. MUST HAVE: Rear View camera, Touch screen, Bluetooth. GPS. Need to carry kayak. I'm on a budget. I like the Rogue, more bang for the buck, but CRV has better ratings. RAV 4 has harder ride. Honda 2012, 2013 seems best option. Comparison Recommendations? Advice?
  2. Thanks to everyone. We're taking your advice and appreciate your time and help!
  3. Thanks. Any one have an idea why the water smells and tastes badly? Only the RO filtered water tastes good.
  4. We're in search of a new company to help us with an existing water purification system. For the main house we have combination of carbon and UV light with RO under the kitchen sink. We had to install the RO system because the main house water filtering through the carbon filters and UV tastes terrible and has a weird smell. It's been checked out by the supplier who installed the system said it was fine. He said possibly the water should be checked for arsenic. We have not done this. Filters have been changed, etc. We live in Chula Vista. Our neighbors say their water is fine. Any thoughts on this problem and recommendations for a different supplier? We think the problem may be in the filtration or ?? Can PM me if you like. Many thanks!
  5. Anyone have current phone number for Enrique Pineda, painter and landscaping design? We were told he has expanded into labdscaping and is very good. Or do you have a recommendation for a landscape designer, landscaping? Thanks!
  6. We have had Antonio make a garage door, entry door, window frames, etc. He is the best we have found. His brother, Jose Espíritu is an excellent cabinet maker, as well. +523313014332
  7. Help! I need Epson ink cartridges and two small boxes of white tape for my label maker. I can order these and have them delivered to you. Thanks for your consideration. OK to send me a private message.
  8. Go girl, Do you remember the name of your carpenter? Enrique has three, Sergio, Andrés y José. Thanks.
  9. Need a really good cabinet maker who can repair/alter kitchen cabinets. Our job was botched by a less experienced cabinet maker. Ok to send Private Message. Thank you!
  10. I'm looking for a dermatologist who does a good job with botox. Has anyone had experience with Dr. Ben, plastic surgeon? His office is in Laguna Mall. I heard he also offers botox, etc. Also, our son need allergy testing. Suggestion? Thanks.
  11. Need to get a new driver's license but the Chapala office has been closed since March due to COVID-19. Anyone know if Ocotlan office is open? Or Guadalajara office?
  12. My husband and I highly recommend Francisco for insurance needs. We have had our car and private healthcare insurance with him for a few years now and very pleased with his personal attention and knowledge of plans. He has gone the extra mile to help me with my first Mexican private healthcare claims. Highly recommended. Has years of experience. He is fluent in English. Francisco Gutiérrez +523317116040 gutierrez-francisco@hotmail.com
  13. EuroFreeze did a great job! Thanks to all for your recommendation. They identified what other shops had done to try and fix the AC, then fixed it right. Very reasonable, and excellent service.
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