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  1. On 8/4/2019 at 3:18 AM, Sonia said:

    Most of us do not read minds and therefore did not know you were in Italy. 

    A 1 minute  Google search and... https://embamex.sre.gob.mx/italia/index.php/es/seccion-consular/174-requisitos-para-visa-de-residente-temporal-rentista

    and... https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/milan/index.php/servicios-consulares/documentacion-a-extranjeros/39

    Milan consulate appointments are made on-line which is similar to most consulates, ya know.

     Screen name - giniinitaly    =    "gini - in - italy"?





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  2. On 8/4/2019 at 4:57 AM, Intercasa said:

    Im happy to help.  It is the appointment but also a thorough review of documents to make sure they are in the right format.  Some consulates are more "make sense" and some people have been denied from the flexible ones for trying to save a few dollars on printing documents.  Some cases are slam dunk, others appear to be but are not and others are crazy and confusing.  We had 2 different sets of clients who previously lived in Costa Rica and qualified but were denied, I put them through a mini hell as I requested certain documents that were not easy to get and now happily they have their visas.  The devil is in the details.

    Thanks so much Intercasa! I have my appointment this Thursday, hopefully all my i's dotted and t's crossed thanks to Veronica Munoz.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I've gotta move out by mid September!

  3. 1 hour ago, luvsdawgs said:

    You are discussing MEXICAN consulates which have nothing to do with the States. You need to ask Mexicans for advice about their government's consulates and not the expats in Mexico.

    Well you must have read the glowing reports on how easy it was to deal with the Mx consulates in the states, didn't you? Anyway the issue hopefully is resolved thanks to yes... a Mexican. But I did get the name and number of an immigration lawyer ... so if I'd needed one, I got a lead from this forum.

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  4. 1 hour ago, AlanMexicali said:





    There is a link [above] in the Milan Mexican Consulate, Italy official website labeled "Agenda tu cita Consular" which is how all or most Mexican Consulates arrange appointments. You didn't look hard enough.

    Yes I've been there many many times.. in fact everyday for almost 2 months, last month there was a calendar, but you couldn't click a month or a date within that month to make an appt, this month there is no calendar at all... which was why I was in panic mode. At this consulate I believe there is an algorithm which deflects anyone who is not a Mexican citizen as I believe there is very little request to go TO Mexico to live from here. But the point is moot as I DO have an appointment this week thanks to Veronica Munoz from the Chapala Society. Yay!!!

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  5. On 7/29/2019 at 7:59 PM, chapalence said:

    We stopped at the Tucson consulate on our way here. They were extremely helpful and even bent the rules a bit so we could get our visa.

    A word of caution- We saw people who seemed to have more money than we did arguing with the consulate staff when asked for additional information. It did not go well for them and frankly, they were an embarrassment.  Be kind, give or get the staff what they ask for, keep your mouth shut unless they ask you a question, and DO NOT question their system.

    And please, do not arrive with the attitude I can already detect in your post. We have far too many people here already who get their panties in a twist over nada.

    Don't assume.... unless you've walked a mile in my shoes. Chit happens.

  6. On 7/29/2019 at 2:56 AM, Sonia said:

    Many consulates do not allow an appointment to made on the phone. If you have not yet, then check the consulates web site. There are many other MX consulates.


    No indeed as I've been told numerous times to make an appt online..... and there is no place to MAKE an appointment online. I live in Italy, the nearest Consulate is 3 hours away by car and the only other one is in Rome 6 hours by train. It's a long story about a house being on the market for a year and selling at the last moment with an already prebooked flight and the furniture can't go unless I get the V.T. Ya know, not everywhere is as easy as the States.

  7. 19 hours ago, slainte39 said:



    If it's supposedly only borderline safe for humans, then what about insects, birds, plants and animals? That's what I meant about politics coming to you, why the Chapala area, where most internet users are retired and just sending emails, checking your bank statements or playing on FB.. just how much speed do you think you really need, enough to be irradiated by microwaves on every street corner? They've discovered that 5G has a lot of negative effects and it's been rolling out without the proper accumulated testing data on living things. Look it up yourself.

  8. On 6/30/2019 at 3:13 AM, Monessen said:

    I am soon going to make 10 different flights overseas and I cannot find substantial luggage with castors that swivel 360 degrees. I have found some in stores like Soriana and Walmart but they are so flimsy that I wouldn't trust my belongings in them. Ten separate flights means that the baggage handlers have 20 chances to mangle the luggage.  😉  I need luggage with strong sides to them so that as they are thrown around they can maintain their strength. I do not have a car so I can't just visit all the bazaars or stores along the carretera and I have searched stores in Guadalajara. I know that there are high end stores and I have visited many but everything seems to have cheap collapsing sides that do not look like they can take a beating. Does anyone know where I can purchase things like this and fanny packs or, better yet, ankle pockets? I have checked the Guadalajara airport and I cannot even find them there. I have also been searching for them in Zacatecas and other Mexican cities to  no avail. Perhaps someone has seen something and direct me to the right place?

    I know that I'm a firm believer in luggage straps and if and where possible... wrapping the whole thing in plastic film, not pretty, but it really does keep it together. 😉

  9. 22 hours ago, pappysmarket said:

    I could never understand why expats give a s##t about the politics back where they came from, Liberal or Conservative. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Except that they are spouting about the arrival of 5G in the area... unfortunately unasked for politics will come to you whether you like it or not.

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  10. On 6/14/2019 at 6:03 AM, TechnoNorm said:

    Uber is available at a modestly lower cost. The GDL airport has free WiFi, with which you can use your Ubber App to summon an UBER . For pickup go out to right, on island in front of convience store OXXO. Do get in front seat.

    Uber drivers use Google maps, so just have your destination address at hand. Airport taxis are good, but not with a Google maps. 





    So what is the acceptable rate for a taxi or Uber from GDL to Ajijic???


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