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  1. I have Telcel's Amigo Sin Límite plan and starting about 4-5 days ago, when I receive a text message, I get the same text 6-8 times. When I ask the sender if they sent the same text that many times, the answer is always "no." Is this issue happening to anyone else? Thanks.
  2. Avis car rental across from the airport parking also offers public parking, tho pricier than places along the highway.
  3. Well, so much for my gardener's "wisdom." But as Ferret said, we can only hope.
  4. I mentioned to my gardener that May has been windier than any the past 4 yrs I’ve been here. He said strong winds in May indicates rainy season arrives sooner. Anyone else observed such a pattern?
  5. Geckos are great, but they don't eat cockroaches.
  6. Isn't Levy Holdings also the developer of the condo-hotel-commercial building next to the Coco Cola warehouse? That's been under development for 5+ years, though it looks like they might finally finish it in the coming months. here's a Levy Holdings FB posting from 4+ yrs ago promoting that building: https://www.facebook.com/levyholding/posts/2122689691394571/
  7. Yes. CFE, Telmex, or based on responses to another post, Total Play & ILOX would work too.
  8. Thanks for your responses. I'll try to ensure Total Play gets my name right the first time.
  9. My CFE bill is in the landlord’s name. I have Telmex in my name and it’s the only thing I’ve been able to use as proof of address for items such as driver’s license, bank accounts, etc. A lease or bank statements aren't accepted. I’m thinking of switching to Total Play, but don’t want to lose the benefit of having a proof of address. Anyone have luck using Total Play monthly bills for proof of address?
  10. Some healthcare facilities provide health care; others are a health business and unfortunately there are some here. Ask friends, read reviews, choose wisely.
  11. Is there a penalty when renewing a Jalisco driver's license that expired? Thanks.
  12. Another vote for Intercam. One negative, I'm unable to use their debit card on many online sites, but other than that Intercam has been great. @Ferret Does HSBC's ATM charge you a fee when you use Intercam's debit card? @timjwilson I didn't realize XE allows users to stipulate an exchange rate for a transfer and does the transfer when the rate is reached. I use Wise and I don't think they have that feature, so I will need to give XE a try. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Choose the local currency of the country you're in. That way, Visa/MasterCard does the currency conversion, instead of the ATM operator.
  14. The old app stopped working. Emailed rep for access code for new app on Saturday, still no response. Hope to hear back from them soon.
  15. seems to me they are well rested throughout the year 😀
  16. wondering what’s the current real estate market like lakeside, with interest rates rising NOB and the peso strengthening against the USD. Are fewer buyers coming from NOB?
  17. true, there are dimwits here, NOB, everywhere. But here, when a worker provides a completely illogical answer, I’ve learned thru experience that it can be a request for an “incentive” payment. I’m not a fan of incentive payments, but sometimes have no other option.
  18. Is each neighborhood here supplied by just one well and no backups? I've heard the aquifer here is sufficient, but the issue is with the infrastructure (one well per area with no backup, broken pumps and pipes, etc.). Is that accurate?
  19. Thanks for recommending the place at Laguna Mall. I will try it. carwash Moyoyo in Riberas is sometimes open, sometimes not.
  20. With Lake Taco car wash closed, who do you recommend for car wash & detailing either in Chapala, SAT or Riberas?
  21. I already have a Wise account and its a USD denominated account (I opened it before I move here) and unfortunately Wise does charge a fee to use their USD denominated debit card outside the U.S. Fee is approx. $3.15 USD for a 500 USD transaction and $6.30 for $1000. See https://wise.com/us/blog/4x-cheaper-than-bank-cards. I'll need to investigate if I can convert my account to a peso denominated account. Has anyone done that?
  22. Did you pay with a non-Mexican credit or debit card? Last year, I was unable to pay either predial or car registration with a U.S. card.
  23. I’ve had Clear Choice IPTV from local gadgets guy Donald Stordahl for a while now, but lately getting an error on vast majority of channels that says "unrecognized media format." Anyone else getting this error?
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