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  1. Tom, Thank you for your informative defense of ILOX. I have been in the computer business since 1984 and in the Aerospace telemetry business for 20 years prior to that. I have a reasonable knowledge of transmission of data. If you did the math, you are right I am getting up in years. I used the fast.com site as suggested by ILOX and was getting a 40 to 60 Mbs speed on a hard wired connection to my desktop but a miserable WIFI speed at 1 meter from their modem and about 5 to 12 mbs at 20 meters. After trying 8 or 10 different speed test sites, I found that stanford.speedtest.googlefiber.net gave me the most consistent readings. I tested (hardwired) at Fast.com today and got readings of 100, 110. and 94 Mbs on 3 consecutive tests. Surprisingly different from last month. stanford.speedtest.googlefiber.net gave me 94,94 and 97 Mbs. ( same as last month) Toast.com gave me 42, 51 and 50 Mbs today. Wireless at fast.com is 39, 33, and 53 Mbs. stanford.speedtest.googlefiber.net is 21, 17 and 16 Mbs Toast.com is 6, 9, and 19 Mbs. The same wireless test device was used in GDL last week to Test a 100 Mbps connection and gave 100, 104 and 110 on 3 consecutive tests, so the wireless test device is capable. Bottom line is i spent a few hundred dollars more than I should have in order to get an acceptable wireless connection on my property. The ILOX wireless modem I have sucks and should have been recognized by ILOX and there should have been at least an attempt by ILOX to come and test their service on site. Their service in my case was typical of Telcel, Telmex, ATT and Telecable. Hopefully this will change. I have recommended to several of my friends that they get ILOX, but with the stipulation that they buy a seperate wireless system and turn off the built in wireless radio. I also have forewarned that they should not expect an improved customer service over their current supplier. I do not intend to continue this discussion. I have only provided accurate information. As a final comment Mr. Godinez was referring to all internet speeds would not be guaranteed at residential sites.
  2. I have had ILOX installed for 38 days and was not pleased with the quality of the WIFI (was no better than Telmex, Telcel or ATT). I bought the 100 mbps package, hoping I would get at least half of that. I could not get over 60 Mbps on any of the test programs and only sporadically. So, went to ILOX office and had a discussion with young lady (very Nice, but no help). She gave an email address to send emails. I sent emails and ILOX responded, but no help. I got an email from a Mr. Godinez (the ILOX TELECOM IP address is registered in his name), he assured me that I was getting 100 Mbps and I should take his word for it no matter what the Speed tests showed. There was a lot of BS and double redundant weasel wording involved in many responses to my emails. When I finally decided ILOX would be of NO help in resolving the issue, I decided this when he said in his last email " we do not guarantee speed delivered to residential locations". In spite of this, their speed for WIFI was slightly better than the really crappy Telcel in home modem service and I decided to look for a solution to the problem on my own. I tried Range Extenders and Repeaters and nothing would help because of their modems poor quality signal strength. About a week ago I ordered the Linksys Velop Mesh system, 3 unit Whole house system, On sale now at Costco for $5,000 MXN ( i discovered this after I paid a lot more). My house has an 8,500 Sq. ft area to be covered.. It was delivered to my house at 2pm on Friday and I currently have WIFI through out my house at a stable 20 to 30 MBPS. I turned off the ILOX Wifi in their modem and hooked up the Linksys system and now I do not have the issues with my Fire Stick hanging up and stuttering any more. This is the solution to the issue with ILOX WIFI issues. There are many good Mesh systems out there but I flipped coin and went with Linksys. It appears that ILOX went on the really cheap when they purchased their modems. As a footnote, to measure the wired signal speed accurately, go to stanford.speedtest.googlefiber.net and run the speed test. I see a consistent 85 to 110 Mbps to this server in California. I am pleased with the connection speeds now but was really hoping their customer service would be a bit better than Telmex, Telcel and ATT, however it seems they all went to the same school.
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