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  1. Dr. JESSICA FLORES IN AJIJIC has both the 5 year and the lifetime, as well as the quad flu vaccine.
  2. Like ibarra, we have always used the email address they gave and have always received prompt responses.
  3. The same is true here in CH. Many beautiful new homes and plenty of renovations underway.
  4. Our home is in Chapala Haciendas, about 2km up the hill towards Guadalajara from Soriana in Chapala. . There is no place we would rather live because we value our peaceful, almost country-like lifestyle. We are still within a short drive of everything, including the airport. We mainly stay east of Walmart unless we have business that can't be accomplished without a trip through what has become rather nightmarish traffic. If we must travel west, we usually go early in the day, but the other day we decided to have lunch at the Smoke House in West Ajijic. The traffic was so bad we gave up in La Floresta, turned around and went back to San Antonio for lunch at Mario's. You couldn't pay me to live in what my partner refers to as "México lite", the loud, overcrowded and overgringofied pueblo of Ajijic. To each his own in that regard, but I have never liked it. I love Chapala because I can walk the wide sidewalks and lovely malecon, often without running into any other extranjeros or hearing anything but Spanish being spoken. That's a real pleasure in my book.
  5. And you don't believe anything has changed since then?
  6. In may you were told- "Atorvastatina is sold in 40 mg tablets, 30 tablets to a box, for 200 pesos at Farmacia Maskaras on the highway a block or two from Hospital San Francisco,towards AJIJIC on same side of highway. I bought mine there last week."
  7. When we went to the Chapala Centro de Salud for our flu shot last Friday we inquired after a booster. We were told that all remaining boosters have been sent to the hospital in Jocotepec. The only biologic being given is Cansino.
  8. Aurora Michel Galindo, the former manager of Actinver. amichelg57@gmail.com
  9. Regarding dosage and length of time - Treatment for a UTI caused by E. coli The first line of treatment for any bacterial infection is antibiotics. If your urinalysis comes back positive for germs, a doctor will likely prescribe one of several antibiotics that works to kill E. coli, since it’s the most common UTI culprit. If a urine culture finds a different germ is behind your infection, you’ll get switched to an antibiotic that targets that germ. You may also receive a prescription for a drug called pyridium, which helps reduce bladder pain. If you tend to get recurrent UTIs (four or more per year), you may need to be on low-dose antibiotics daily for a few months.
  10. We went there first (the new one near Hotel Monte Carlo where we usually shop) and they didn't have it 😔
  11. It's important to get a culture done prior to the doctor prescribing. We learned this after seeing Dr. SAM. The culture results we received included a long list of antibiotics with the probability of each being successful in treating the infection. This was after two other doctors, one at the VA in Texas and one here, treated my partner several times over more than a year's time. The right antibiotic the first time would have saved a lot of suffering and potential kidney damage.
  12. Dr. Sam recently prescribed it for a UTI involving e-coli. 2-500mg. tabs every 8 hours for 4- days. The 24 tabs cost $772 at Farmacia Guadalajara. We didn’t want to waste time price shopping.
  13. I answered someone's question. If that miffs you, bite me.
  14. CANSINO https://vacunacion.jalisco.gob.mx/
  15. https://chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/92026-lawyer-needed/
  16. Call LCS and ask- Their weekly schedule shows "Oir Bien" (or "to hear well") on Wednesdays at 10:00 That is most likely the audiologist. Cost will be minimal. 376-766-1140 T((376) 766-1140376) 766-1140
  17. I can't say. The car's factura for sure. They'll tell you if they need anything else. If there are any fines owed, you'll need to pay them. I have always heard that it's a good idea to go there with the seller and not exchange the money until you're certain the factura is clean and there's no fines owed.
  18. Recaudadora Estatal 3.7(16) Local government office in ChapalaClosed Degollado 217, Chapala Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal. Closed ⋅ Opens 8:45AM Thu 376 765 2064
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