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  1. Unfortunately, the ignore user feature does not make him or others disappear altogether. The block feature on FB is as it should be- you see nothing of that person.
  2. So you buy the Coke at Hola Market, but you don't rule out shopping at Pancho's. While some prices are higher than other stores, many are less. It pays to shop around.
  3. At some point, maybe the OP will learn that not every perceived slight is worth calling on a mod to intervene. As children we used the term "tattle tale" to describe this behavior. A cruder term is "rat" and neither describe a person who will be held in regard by their peers. Just as many of us are offended by everything David says and does, but must suffer him anyway, I suggest he do the same when he dislikes what we say.
  4. There are numerous bazars on the carretera, including one run by the Ibarra family of IB Furniture that are worth visiting often. In Ajijic there is Barbara's Bazar and Alfredo's. If you use FB, Beg, Barter, Buy and Sell Chapala, plus the Marketplace are good resources.
  5. Three years later and the same advice applies. Just call them and get it fixed.
  6. Why wouldn't people just use the Farmacia Guadalajara right in the SAT hospital complex?
  7. The sign on the front informs that they are moving to their new location on Calle Madero. West side of the road up by where the dulceria and Qualitas are.
  8. chapalence


    Add 1 tsp. vinegar or lemon juice per cup of milk and wait 5 minutes to get buttermilk. Or, mix 1/4 cup milk with 3/4 cup yogurt as a substitute.
  9. I'm watching it now. I suggest rebooting your modem and if you use a firestick or similar device, reboot it after the modem reboot. Works for me when I can't get YouTube on my TV thru my firestick.
  10. Dulceria "Guba" on the west side of Calle Madero in Chapala has every imaginable mix you could want. Go early- they open at 8:00- for easy parking.
  11. She is the front desk scheduler. Please consider taking yourself to the Ajijic hospital as suggested. It sounds like you may need immediate care.
  12. They are referring to the Ajijic Hospital. Big white building on the carretera in Ajijic, well marked, valet parking in the front.
  13. For an urgent matter such as this I would go into the office immediately. Phone service locally ranges from crappy to non-existent. Add to that, services popular with extranjeros are frequently overwhelmed and understaffed.
  14. Just because you don't see or hear about it doesn't mean it isn't happening.
  15. The Jalisco Secretary of Health announced today that there will be no more vaccinations for adults.
  16. No matter how many warnings are posted about this place, people keep right on going there. The same can be said of AT&T.
  17. I searched "Volcanic Rock" and found it with little effort.
  18. Some time ago I did a search here on the board and followed instructions mixing sugar, water, and boric acid. Once well mixed the directions suggested dipping cotton balls in the liquid just enough to moisten. Both times we've been invaded I have placed a couple of the moistened balls in their path and by the next morning there are no ants to be found. I have to do a search each time to find the amounts to mix, so I'm sure you can find it. Buy small jars of boric acid at ferreterías or garden shops.
  19. You're beating your head against a cement wall.
  20. I highly recommend Dra. Luz Zepeda who comes from Guadalajara to LCS once a week. She has been serving clients there for 26 years and loves doing so. She is a perfectionist who makes certain that every aspect from your exam to the quality of the lens is right and that you are happy. She offers 3- different grades of lens and will offer a recommendation based on your prescription and budget. She does not push the more expensive lens!
  21. Google says- Carretera Pte. 106, Villanova, 45920 Ajijic, Jal. 8.6 km Open â‹… Closes 3PM 376 766 5633
  22. As usual, the American Legion has a ceremony at 10:00.
  23. You must still pay the taxes on the income generated for those 3 month periods that it is rented.
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