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  1. The fast card replacement via courier has proven to be a lifesaver for us. If you are single and have that one card and accidently leave it in a machine or lose it...oops! Machines are unforgiving when that happens and many banks in the US will not courier cards. We had to cut ties with our CU because they would only send cards by mail which are almost always confiscated by aduana for "fraud protection".
  2. I learned the hard way that it is wise for people wanting to come here for an extended visit or to live longterm and newbies to keep their mouths shut and their ears open for at least 2-3 years. Ask questions, yes, but refrain from trying to show folks they're wrong, even if your current opinions differ from theirs. And for gosh sakes leave arrogance at the border because what you think you know about Mexico and living in Mexico is undoubtedly wrong and efforts to prove otherwise usually fall flat. If these observations make me "mean and nasty", so be it.
  3. I hate to ever suggest Walmart, but Berro is available in plastic tubs in the case with the bagged salads. It is generally fresh (I'm picky).
  4. This person "Herman" has been a disgusting troll from day one.
  5. Ask Pancho at pancho's Market and Deli in east Riberas if he'll put it on for you.
  6. If you use either of the products listed every pollinator that comes to your yard will die. Bees, moths, butterflies, and wasps, none of which are anything but beneficial to the environment will all perish.
  7. You may need to shop online. Mercado Libre, Amazon Mexico, as well as those listed above.
  8. Contact the Lake Chapala Garden Club if you don't get answers here.
  9. Close the windows and go out for a few hours when they light up. Unless you live in a fracc with strict by-laws forbidding burning you're not going to find help for this.
  10. If you use Google Chrome as your browser you can set it to translate everything from spanish to english, including everything on Amazon Mexico. It's a good idea to read your local news and it translates news pages as well.
  11. "How about buying bottled water and boiling it? Seems easy and inexpensive, or am I missing something." Personally, as hard as the water is here I won't use anything but distilled in anything needing water where mineral deposits will affect performance and longevity. Concentrators, like CPAPs are expensive to replace and simply boiling the water does not remove all the minerals.
  12. I would use distilled water, available at Superlake by the gallon for about $50. Sterile Water vs Distilled Water. ... Sterile water has usually been boiled to kill anything living in the water, but it still has other things in it. Distilled water is made to get you as close to pure H2O as possible - no bacteria, no chemicals, no impurities, etc
  13. Use the info listed to call or email them tomorrow and ask.
  14. There were no less than 8 Infinitum trucks parked in Riberas today while the guys ate at one of the tent restaurants. An unusually large gathering...
  15. Specifically, which vivero sells sod and rents a roller?
  16. You will want to double check, but I was told that Spa Termal Tlalocan is adults only. It doesn't have all the things that attract children, rather it is geared towards adult tastes. 387 761 0302
  17. That's what the new room to the left as you walk into WM is for, as well as the orange/yellow parking places nearest the front door.
  18. If I could I wouldn't because of the number of clients who have had very bad experiences there.
  19. That's a drop in the proverbial bucket. I've had HSBC bots change numbers up to 4 times in a matter of minutes. When one number is blocked, they simply use another. Most unwanted calls are not "scammers", though prudence suggests not answering calls from anyone you don't know.
  20. Be patient. The last email inquiry I sent took a week or 10-days to be answered, but they do answer. I canceled Part B by filling out a form, writing a note, and emailing scans back to the FBU unit at Guadalajara per their instructions.
  21. With all the prior reports of this and other phone scams I'm surprised that 1) people freely post their phone numbers on forums, facebook, and other public places and 2) people answer calls from numbers they are unfamiliar with. It's only on rare occasions that I'll answer a call from a number not in my contacts list and then only if I strongly suspect it might be a call from a local business or person having a reason to call me. You can't be scammed if you don't answer.
  22. First, the locale within Mexico. Then, what you mentioned. Once you jump into DAC, the highest/most expensive rate tier, you're paying a whole lot more per kwh than those who are conservative users. A few bills in DAC and we made the decision to go solar.
  23. The cost of electricity depends on the rate tier you're on. When we had our house completely rewired we went from 110 to 220 and the price per kw didn't change.
  24. With Telmex so cheap and easy to pay for from my phone, including service to all of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S., I have no reason to go shopping.
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