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  1. I have, too. I have bought and sold many things there, and I am always happy with the transaction.
  2. I am gobsmacked by the number of people who think it's OK to enjoy the many benefits of living in Mexico, yet get pissed off when they have to pay duty to get goods brought in from other countries. We lived entitled lives NOB and as Mexican residents, we need to get over that.
  3. chapalence


    When it is available, they stock it at Gourmet Garage.
  4. Dra. Luz Zepeda has a location in Guadalajara, but also sees patients at LCS. She is excellent. Go to the LCS website to find her contact information.
  5. Does anyone ever cross at Brownsville? It seems a shorter route, and for those who can't do 13 hours straight through, 11 hours sounds better. Opinions?
  6. I buy mine at the same place I buy all my fruits and vegetables. It is on the west side of Calle Madero in Chapala on the same block as Guba dulceria. Esperanza stocks many things in bulk, always fresh and much cheaper than the gringo stores.
  7. Wouldn't it be best to ask SIMAPA directly?
  8. Locals will tell you that buying expensive tires here is a waste of money. The cheaper tires last as long or, in some cases longer on these roads.
  9. Mascotas Lake vet ruptured our Chihuahua's anal grands when expressing them, which then had to be removed by a more qualified vet. What a nightmare.
  10. The recycle center in West Ajijic has tons of boxes to choose from. Most are flattened, but you need packing tape for any box you're going to ship. They're free.
  11. The name of the store, one of three in the local area, is Fresh Market. While they do carry some items they purchase at Costco for resale, they are not affiliated.
  12. https://www.npr.org/2023/02/22/1158684971/home-depot-minimum-wage-15 "We believe this investment will position us favorably in the market, enabling us to attract and retain the level of talent needed to sustain the customer experience we strive to deliver." Some companies get that paying a little more proves beneficial in the long run.
  13. I love my USAA account and my BBVA account. Both have excellent apps that allow me to do many things without setting foot in a bank except for the occassional cash withdrawal from HSBC. In six years of using their ATMs I've never experienced any problems.
  14. Why? I take things to Upscale Bazar all the time. She gets a fair price for goods, moves the merchandise rapidly, pays weekly with an excellent accounting, and the kids get a few pesos in the process. I'd say that's a damn sight better than Natasha's treatment by Mias, which by the way is very common in the retail consignment business.
  15. There is a vendor at the Monday market who sells it.
  16. I think you mean librarian, Harry.
  17. Less than two years old and spayed, this beautiful girl needs a forever home. Her mother was a semi-feral cat, who brought her two kittens to us when they were maybe a month old. The mother disappeared soon after and a home was found for the male kitten. I am allergic, so she has lived primarily in our enclosed patio and our enclosed jardin. She would LOVE to be an inside cat with lap privileges. She is not a biter and acts like a rag doll when picked up. She is skittish around new people and hightails it when confronted, if possible. Like most cats, she loves to hunt anything that is smaller- mice, grass hoppers and basically anything that moves. We have two Akitas on our street who are set loose by their owners each day. They have killed all but two of the cats in our small area. We are selling our home and heading north and cannot take her with us. (Please-I don't need any crap over this!) We are concerned for her welfare and Friends of the Animals refused her even after we explained the Akita situation. Please consider this sweet feline if you can offer her a home. I can be reached at carlabuchanan1@gmail com
  18. We also used Turbo Tax for business and personal taxes. It was so much cheaper than paying someone and easier in the end.
  19. We gave up on the idea of shipping anything from here to the U.S. due to cost. Every means explored was expensive and the cost always outweighed the value of the goods to be shipped. I cringe at the cost to mail a simple letter sized envelope.
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