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  1. Two questions- They asked if I wanted to set up a regular deposit. How would that work? For instance, if I buy a CETE for $10,000mxn for 3-months, and said I want to deposit $10,000 additional per month, would they add it to the existing CETE? Would the interest rate still be the same as when the original was purchased? I think that I have heard people talking about rolling over their CETEs. When you do that, is it automatically for the original rate? Thanks for any help you can offer. Clearly, I am wading into unknown territory.
  2. I used to be more involved at the American Legion and there was one older Vietnam vet who was beside himself with worry. Back when the one place was a fairly small clinic in Riberas, I believe that they were the only place that accepted Tricare and this vet had received care there. He was being pressured by this place to pay a number of bills that Tricare hadn't paid in what they considered to be a timely manner. When he started looking through the bills, it was apparent that they had billed for appointments he never had, procedures that weren't done, and not just once or twice. 😡 It really chaps my cheeks that systems set up for seniors and veterans are being ripped off and that those of us who aren't participating in it are ultimately paying the price.
  3. They "suggest" that if you have a mailing address in the US that you use for Social Security, you can get a Medicare Advantage Plan that will cover you for "emergencies" while traveling abroad. I am pretty darn sure that people who live here and have either a temporary resident visa or a permanent resident visa are committing fraud when they get a MAP using an address in the US that is not their primary residence. The hospital on the Libramiento has you see a doctor at their facility near Superlake and no matter what the problem it is coded as an emergency and you're sent to the hospital. This, and the above info, we learned directly from the facility. If you wonder why prices are so outrageous at both local hospitals, I believe this explains a lot.
  4. I read that it has been reopened, but traffic is one lane only, so very slow. Must be hellish everywhere because Traitte just sent a message via the app that deliveries are taking 25-35 minutes LONGER than usual. Happy to say, we planned ahead so we don't have to go out until after the Feria and after the intersection reopens.
  5. Thanks, John. I was able to open an account this morning and will put some money in my BBVA account this week in order to purchase my first CETE. We don't have big money, so I will be just fine with their online services.
  6. Worked fine for us on this side of the carretera. On Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 10:22 AM Balderrama Aranda Alejandra del Rocío <ABARANDA@telmex.com> wrote:
  7. The problems most of us are experiencing in CH has nothing to do with speed. We have people getting almost 100mbps, but at peak hours the system is buffering and in some cases, the TV goes black and you can't reconnect to YouTube and/or Netflix. This started when they drastically increased the number of people in CH and Brisas connected to FIOS. Amazon has run numerous tests on Firesticks and in every case they have said the problem is the internet.
  8. Has anyone used this online platform for investing in Cetes? https://www.cetesdirecto.com/sites/portal/inicio
  9. We are having the same issues in CH. One of our members went to Telmex and this is what we have been asked to do. Email is the easiest and you will get a folio # quickly and in some cases members are being helped almost immediately. "I reported the problem at Telmex today. Alejandra told me that the Telmex guys have told her this problem is happening in CH AND Brisas. She asked them for the account numbers so she could report it. They didn't have them. She said she is aware of this widespread problem, but doesn't have any account numbers to report it. She asked that EVERYONE come in and make a report and/or email her at abaranda@telmex.com. with your account number, phone #, cell phone number, and a description of the problem. PLEASE, everyone report. She knows about it and needs everyone to report." Suerte.
  10. We have the oil changes for our Fit done at Fuentes Peña, to the south of Soriana. They will be doing our brakes soon, too. Excellent service.
  11. Libramiento to Chapala and as dichosalocura said, any road east to Gonzalez Gallo, turn right at the end and straight down towards the lake and the Feria. Don't make a big deal out of nothing and enjoy your day.
  12. I did a Google search "how to get a rfc number in mexico" and found numerous easy to follow instructional posts in English.
  13. How would one make an appointment with Dr. Maya?
  14. I have found PayPal to be very useful here. My account is also a Mx account. Good that you found a work around.
  15. I'm not certain if this is the type of "online" purchase you were making or not, but I have used my BBVA CC many times for home delivery of groceries. When Walmart began accepting PayPal I began using my PP account (linked to my BBVA account) because any refunds are immediate through PP.
  16. Oh, I totally agree with you, Rick. I suppose I meant that if one is price shopping GPs, he is higher than many. Still a bargain for the excellent skills he brings to the table.
  17. You can find that info on his website- https://drthelin.com/ Click on the big yellow banner that says "Click here to make an appointment" and you will get a menu with prices. He's NOT cheap, but he is thorough.
  18. Thank you Dottiejane 😊 Since I posted my partner has had two appointments with him and is feeling very confident that because he is, as you said, the "science doctor", he has sorted several problems that have persisted for her through a couple of doctors on both sides of the border. I might add, she's a tough sell when it comes to mds. I saw him once and just made a second appointment today. His system is a little hard to understand and for me, communication is lacking. In your case, based on some concerns you have shared, I would use his emergency cell number that is on his business card to make certain that you don't need to get in to see him sooner rather than later. Suerte.
  19. Our experience here in the Haciendas is it's catch as catch can. There's one team and they work down the line (calle), no appointments, no guarantee of when they'll show up. I should add that this is because every house is different and while small houses like ours take poco tiempo, there were some on our street that were muy complicado.
  20. With a massive hunk of cilantro costing 5 pesos, I would buy it at the fruteria rather than mess with trying to grow it or it's close cousin- culantro. I seriously doubt it is worth the effort or expense.
  21. We did nothing and came home just fine. We crossed both directions on foot.
  22. Back home. Flavio Romero de Velasco 406 Chapala Centro It backs up to the DIF bldg that is on Calle Degollado, next to the post office
  23. Thank you for this. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
  24. No, the institute by the parque is IMSS. You can look up the exact address of both the Centros de Salud on Google and get maps and directions to both. Sorry, but I can't do that for you on my phone.
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