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  1. Vialidades cerradas por motivo de la celebración de las Fiestas Patronales Ajijic 2022 A partir del día sábado 19 de Noviembre, permanecerá cerrada la calle Colon entre Zaragoza e Hidalgo, por la instalación de juegos mecánicos. A partir del día 22 de Noviembre se cerraran las calles: Marcos Castellanos de la calle Ocampo a Carretera Zaragoza de Galeana a Colon Guadalupe Victoria entre Galena y Marcos Castellanos Parroquia entre Macos Castellanos y Colon “TOME RUTAS ALTERNAS” Lamentamos las molestias que esto le pueda ocasionar
  2. The noisiest place for me is anywhere on the carretera from Chapala to SJC. The truck traffic and narrowness of the road through Ajijic amplifies the noise to such a degree conversation is nearly impossible. As with the trucks on either hill the OP mentioned, the drivers can't be faulted. They're doing their job and I can decide if I want to visit Ajijic or not.
  3. As NEWMtnMama stated, it is possible they are out of the office. Many businesses don't have office staff to sit and answer the odd call. Maybe this is one of them. There are several local notarios who are busy enough to have F/T staff; perhaps you would be happier using one of them. Just a thought.
  4. Phil, you need to contact Telmex and make a report. My previous post expains the easiest way to do this, which is by email.
  5. They are NOT available at DIF! Please read my post and go the correct office.
  6. I live two blocks from the #2 Chapala Haciendas entrance. Yes, I occasionally hear trucks and I do mean occasionally, but I never get my panties in a twist over this. The hill between Ixtlahuacan and Chapala is steep enough that when I used to drive a regular passenger van I had to downshift AND apply my brakes frequently to keep the vehicle at a safe speed. Accidents in all areas on both sides of this hill happen so often as to serve as a warning to those who travel this carretera to slow down. The same is true of the Libramiento. Personally, whatever these trucks must do to keep from having having or causing a major traffic incident is okay with me. They and only they know what is necessary for their truck. I NEVER believe they are deliberately making unnecessary noise. If it bothers you so much (you complain often, so I assume so) now is a great time to sell and move somewhere on the flats. New area, new noises, but maybe you'll be happier.
  7. This is what we do and we have never had salitre come back in an already treated spot. After thoroughly removing the affected concrete, usually about 2 inches deep, we use Sika AntiSalitre via a spray bottle. We wait a full week before first filling the area about 1/2 - 3/4 deep with Cemex Multiplast. When that has had time to dry we do a finish coat. Since the locals call salitre "rising dampness", I would guess that most salitre that occurs lower in walls both inside and out is not the result of direct exposure to rain, but moisture coming from the ground below. A friend suggested waiting to treat salitre until January or February to allow the moisture to finally abate. We don't always wait.
  8. If the moisture source was not addressed first, it will keep coming back.
  9. "Fine quality" is subjective, imo, but for a large selection of what to me are high priced bed linens, Bed Bath and Beyond can be found in Guadalajara.
  10. You can find out how much here. You can also pay at the same time.- https://gobjal.mx/PagoRefrendoVehicular You can read about available discounts here- https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/conoce-los-descuentos-de-refrendo-vehicular-2022
  11. It would be unwise to leave your car in a hotel lot unless you are registered guest. Getting your car out of impound would be costly and a nightmare.
  12. I would take the easy way out and get it in Chapala. If you click on the link to the actual article there is a big azz photo of the building, so you know what you're looking for. I have translated the text for tech challenged individuals. 26 Sept 2022- https://paginaquesiselee.com/2022/09/26/credencial-inapam-ya-no-sera-expedida-en-dif-chapala/ "By Gilberto Padilla Garcia The credential of the National Institute for Older Adults (INAPAM) will no longer be issued at the facilities of the Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family (DIF), but at the Integration Center of the Welfare Secretariat that is in the Administrative Unit , located at 69 Niños Héroes street, in the municipal seat of Chapala. This, due to changes in the operating rules by the federal government, for which the module that was in the DIF stopped operating from September 1. Now, those interested must go to the Integrator Center to start the process, which will be carried out by the so-called Servants of the Nation. If you are over 60 years of age and need the INAPAM credential, go to the Integrator Center from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with a copy of the INE, CURP credential, extract from the birth certificate and two child-size photographs, as well as the name and contact telephone number of a trusted person in case of emergency. In addition to its use as identification, the INAPAM credential allows older adults to access discounts on various products and services, such as the payment of drinking water and property tax, food, consulting and transportation, among others."
  13. They quit that too some months back. She worked at Simply Joyful for a couple of months and if I understood correctly, they accepted an opportunity NOB.
  14. They went out of biz months ago.
  15. I think the many people who have tried to explain these very simple facts are just beating their heads against several brick walls. 🙄
  16. That is because part of the remodel was the installation of a smoke extractor over the grill, so the smoke no longer makes dining inside akin to sitting by a campfire. Can you say happy for the improvement ?
  17. https://fb.watch/gOqE8agOA0/
  18. I just read this and thought I would share it. Diane is the owner of Simply Joyful in Ajijic.- "Diane Smith is at Emilia's Ajijic. When your morning doesn't go as planned, sometimes it works out in your favor. I've been wanting to have breakfast at Emilia's ever since Nazli Navarro showed me pictures of her breakfast here but for some reason, I just never made it in. Boy, do I feel silly for missing out on this! They even have sugar free syrups for the perfect latte, with almond milk! My omelette is FULL of bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onions and melty cheese and somehow every piece of fruit is fresh and crisp, like the fruit Gods are on their side! But, the best part are the people working here. When everything happens with a beautiful genuine smile it changes your morning, which is so so appreciated! I couldn't find an active Facebook page for them though so I took their info from another post. "
  19. Wrong time of year. However, check Pancho's and Gourmet Garage anyway. You never know.
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