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  1. https://chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/92026-lawyer-needed/
  2. Call LCS and ask- Their weekly schedule shows "Oir Bien" (or "to hear well") on Wednesdays at 10:00 That is most likely the audiologist. Cost will be minimal. 376-766-1140 T((376) 766-1140376) 766-1140
  3. I can't say. The car's factura for sure. They'll tell you if they need anything else. If there are any fines owed, you'll need to pay them. I have always heard that it's a good idea to go there with the seller and not exchange the money until you're certain the factura is clean and there's no fines owed.
  4. Recaudadora Estatal 3.7(16) Local government office in ChapalaClosed Degollado 217, Chapala Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal. Closed ⋅ Opens 8:45AM Thu 376 765 2064
  5. Translated from the Governor's FB page- " Starting today and until March 31, 2023, the national vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza begins, with priority at the start in risk groups, which are girls and boys from 6 months to 5 years old, people 60 years old and more, pregnant women and all health personnel. Be careful, this campaign does not leave out the rest of the population, it only attends first to those who are most vulnerable to this disease from which, year after year, we must protect ourselves with the arrival of the cold. The goal is to reach at least 70% of Jalisco residents by the end of the year. The pandemic taught us the importance of getting vaccinated. Let's not let seasonal influenza risk your life or the health of those you love most, preventing it is as easy as a free and safe vaccine at any health center, IMSS or ISSSTE." The local Centros de Salud should have them acording to this.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/785666514831385/permalink/5739431062788214/?sale_post_id=5739431062788214 Pretty darn close to your price range.
  7. "Visitor in town" makes it pretty clear that they don't reside here. People do travel to places where Yellow Fever is a real risk. Not everyone who posts on this board is over 60.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/247303855299215/posts/pfbid0Df2LaKD9Pzs439PLuVpcuzGV7o88ow1GYr7gggQeUmy6s4sDUC1U2aBimfi8HFs3l/
  9. The same is true for us ex-Oregonians. We voted today and will mail our ballots from iShop tomorrow.
  10. You can see everything happening at LCS HERE- https://lakechapalasociety.com/public/daily-schedule.php
  11. We pay ours $500 and she's worth every peso. Normally, we give raises in January, but this year due to inflation we gave her January's raise months early.
  12. Shop around. Learn which generics are available in México an what the names are for them. Walmart offers a 4th pkg. free with the purchase of 3, plus 5% additional off if you have an INAPAM card or look like you're eligible. Similares gives 25% off their already low prices on Mondays. I often find good deals on Mercado Libre. I steer clear of Farmacia Guadalajara and several favorites of the expat population.
  13. They gave you the answer. Wait a week and check again. No big deal.
  14. Are you informing? Asking for help? If the later, information is necessary.
  15. We prefer to use the services of Chapala Tree Service. I'm not able to pull up their contact info on this device, but they're easy to find via Google.
  16. Telmex has been working like mad for the past week installing fiber optic throughout CH. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that we'll have better service soon. Maybe Brisas will be next.
  17. Some of us do care. Take care of yourself as well as your beloved.
  18. I might hope that you would at the very least offer an apology to Cyberjack after reading his most recent post, but having read your self-centered, arrogant, and often times ignorant posts for the past few years, I won't be holding my breath.
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