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  1. We are interested in visiting lake Chapala to see if it will fit our retirement needs. I have heard many wonderful things about the area. We currently live just north of Denver Colorado so the altitude there already agrees with us. Here is what we would like to find to possibly rent while there. One necessity we need is: : Home has to have very dependable daytime work hours internet. My wife works from home and still needs this daily. Flexible on the rest of this: 1. Single story home/ranch style, small yard for our small 20lb well behaved pooch. 2. Two Bedrooms / 2 baths 3. Prefer home to be on hill/mountainside with patio facing a distant view of lake. 4. Prefer a monthly to a nightly rate. Let us know what your terms are and include/attach your rental agreement. We don't have a specific date to come down so we can actually work with a wide time frame and schedule our trip with that in mind. Today's date is April 8th 2019. So anytime month before November would work for us. Thanks Please follow the web site rules and pm me here. Thanks for you time
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