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  1. Dont get discouraged, Keep trying to find the right oil. I went through 3 types before finding an oil that cured my insomnia. Stop by Canadian Natural Style in Ajijic and try the oil there. We experienced instant pain relief within 10 minutes. I was shocked at how well it worked. It does have some THC which may help in your pain relief.
  2. If you are looking for a high-quality full-spectrum oil locally, please stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods in Ajijic. You will also find our new CBD Infused Coffee which after sharing with a variety of coffee experts and lovers in Guadalajara, I can say they all loved it who tried it.
  3. LOL no...I am just a huge advocate for the oil. It has helped me and so many others in various ways. I no longer struggle with insomnia which leads to deep and dark depressions including attempted suicide. This is my life work helping others get relief from anything that CBD Oil does. As far as cars? Can't help you there a whole lot. I have never been fond of cars...all they do is suck money lol.
  4. You can stop by https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19 Canadian Style Natural Foods Howard owns the shop and is taking the oil himself and loves it. He is also going to be carrying CBD Infused Coffee as well.
  5. And thus a big issue here. I am not going to claim I know everything or what people are selling. I can only speak to my experience and others around the oil we have. Feel free to read my results here Give our oil a try and stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods in Ajijic. Howard is carrying the oil, and he is taking it and loves it. Also he will be carrying our CBD Infused coffee as well. I just got this in 3 days ago and it is great coffee that leaves you energized yet not jittery. https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19 (Canadian Style Natural Foods)
  6. If you are still looking then Please consider trying our oil. YOu can find it at Canadian Style Natural Foods https://goo.gl/maps/PZ5zuwTsmZKjxEM19 You will find a CBD Infused Coffee there as well come Monday Or Tuesday. Howard and his staff are great and he is going to continue to carry this product. As far as taking ours. You start with 2 drops 4 times a day. A bit more at night if you are looking for sleep help. Then let your body adjust for a few days and then increase by a couple of drops at a time per dosage. Everyone needs to find their sweet spot depending upon how your body adapts and responds. Would love for you to try the oil for a month and see what it does.
  7. Well ours is golden and super clear. It is full spectrum FECO and we have not had any complaints about it. Please stop by Canadian Style Natural Foods. They are carrying the oil and on Monday or Tuesday will be stocked with our Infused Coffee which is lovely. There are qaulity issues everywhere here in Mexico. I can only say from experience and others that people are getting wonderful results from our oil. I just did a write up about this on my website you can read here
  8. Well, I am new, however, if it is a problem than I am fine with it being moved. I am here to simply help people discover something that helps them and trying to get the word out. I have read that there are many bogus oils going around that do not work. It is unfortunate that people are going to buy these oils that are not going to work and then lump all CBD Oil as no good. It is a by-product of the industry right now and getting educated and finding oil that is made well is very important to maintain the integrity of this wonderful plant. There is a ton of education that needs to be done about this. People are curious but also skeptical for good reasons. I just have personally experienced the benefits of full spectrum CBD for 2 years and believe EVERYONE should at the very least try it to see the wonderful properties that full spectrum CBD has to offer, including powerful nutritional value such as super high anti oxidents, Omega 3's and Omega 6. The anti-inflammatory properties alone are worth the effort to try this.
  9. Kyle, Overall with a great quality CBD Oil, It has had a great impact on those with Parkinson's. I have a video on my facebook timeline that shows this. My suggestion would be to pick up a bottle ASAP and try it. I do not guarantee anything as each person and body is different. That being said, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I am going to be in town tomorrow morning and would love to get you a bottle and see how it works. Please feel free to PM me. I will be bringing a bottle to someone at the Lake Chapala Society at 10 am tomorrow. I would love to see how this works for your husband. The oil I have is now in mass circulation and people are reporting great results. Me personally it has worked really well. I have been on Full Spectrum CBD Oil for 2 years and it has cured my insomnia. I have access to a high-quality full spectrum here in Mexico that you can get ongoing. Thanks Kyle.
  10. I will be at the The Tuesday Organic Market in West Ajijic tomorrow at 10 am and I will have some CBD Oil with me. Howard will also be there so find one of us and we can get you a bottle of our oil. I look forward to meeting some of you there tomorrow. Picture of me below but I will be dressed differently
  11. I have one here locally that is amazing. It is actually created in Mazatlan by a small family and it is fantastic. It is pure full spectrum CBD with THC and it works wonderfully. I have taken several various CBD Hemp oils from the States and a few I had really good results with. I am loving this blend of CBD and THC and everyone I have helped has also seen positive results. You can find my oil at Canadian Style Natural Foods in Ajijic. Howard is going to be carrying all the products eventually that I have. Oils of various potency, one without THC, and also an excellent facial cream and body cream. CBD Coffee coming soon as well.
  12. I took it through the airport last year in my baggage that went under the plane. I guess like anything in life, there is some risk. Especially the oil I am buying and selling here, as it has THC in it that is above what the US Federal gov. Allows. I have not crossed the boarder back into the US yet, I am on the 23rd of April, so I guess we will see, because I am wanting to bring home some that I use here before coming back. It works great and I love it and many others do too...
  13. Feel free to contact me and send me a message. I can show you some specifications of what I have. It is from the Indica strain and we have almost 500,000 bottles that have gone out the door with no complaints. The product flat out works, and ultimately this is what you want to know. Does it work or not. Things are regulated differently here as we all know. Specifications and lab studies are for the FDA and the over regulated everything in the US and other places. I get the need for testing and it is important, however we are in Mexico. This is one of the reasons I want to permanently live here, You can not even fart in the US without some sort of investigation into the gases produced That being said, I do have some numbers and potency's that you can see. Our product does have THC, however we do have 1 that has none and is from the Hemp plant with all the cannbinoids.
  14. Not sure if you are still here, however, I have found an oil here in Mexico that is Full Spectrum that has some THC in it. If you take a lot you will get a high, however, taking 2 drops 4 times a day, and then a bit more for sleep is working really well so far. I am loving it! You can find out more at my temp website http://samuelclark.com/cbd
  15. Hi, I am new to the community and am currently here looking over the area in hopes of returning in the fall permanently. We love the weather here and are excited to find an area to spend next winter and possibly move to permanently. I am wondering if you have tried CBD Oil yet or are able to find it? I am currently working with someone who supplies it and it is made in Mexico. It has THC in it, however it is within the legal guidelines of the Mexico government. It is legal here as long as the THC is 1% or below, which I do have. If you are interested in seeing what all the buzz is about this oil, I would love to connect while I am here and share with you my experience and what it has done for my chronic insomnia. It is quite amazing. So if you are interested, please let me know and let's meet up locally and connect. Thanks Sam
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