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  1. In case you don't know Telcel has a website and that is what I used. Scam people and companies my my! Ana must be giving you a percentage or maybe you are related?
  2. I have all of the receipts even the one Ana gave me and can verify all of the ones I paid online. I am not going to spend my days trying to get refunds from Telcel. I left Mexico and will leave it completely behind. I just left a warning for other expats not to us her for internet modems and service. Even the best of people will grab cash if the vault is left open sometimes. End of story good bye.
  3. ATT Ajijic are bad apples for sure. The first year was fine then I opted for the 2 year for the next go around. After 1 year in on the 2 year contract the service ended with no resolution. Telcel Ana is another scam. The Telcel Internet en Su Casa service with Ana at the Telcel store near Alex's. Bought the modem from her then she asked for first and last month cash. I could not activate the modem until I paid another 2 months of service. I figured I would get things corrected by her later since I needed internet to work online at least I had internet. She just played dumb so I just ate the cost. I felt I had no choice. I no longer need Mexico internet so I let the plan expire after 2 years. I had a supposed 2 year contract. Now I am getting emails from some lawyer in Joco about delinquency with Telcel and "Don't ruin your credit" So much for first and last month paid. Scammy people around those parts!
  4. That is another solution! I may work out a trade with the OP Mad_Max for a car swap but whatever works the best. I had trouble looking up the value since I'm not sure what the Mexican bluebook equivalent is but we can probably work out a deal. If you are reselling that might make a difference on what you would like to pay but I'm not greedy on money. You could deduct some expenses too since it would save me from making the trip. I actually like driving in Mexico but can't spare the time or money right now. Closing on the New Mexico house is set for May 2. So if nothing goes wrong I can get a new state license and register a replacement car in the state. I will send you an email so we can stay in touch. Either way it looks like she has a ride. I may have met you Amigo Alex when you brought something to Ajijic for a friend of mine.
  5. A possible solution?? We have a Jalisco plated car here in New Mexico that will need to go back. We bought it Lakeside Dec 2019 but have an offer in on a house here. If we close on the house the first week of May then according to New Mexico state law we have 90 days to register the car. We cannot register the car in the USA because it does not meet EPA emissions standards. It is a 2013 Honda CRV 111,000 Kilometers or approximately 66,600 miles. If anyone comments or asks questions about all of the legalities of keeping this car in the USA I simply won't answer. I will be selling it south of the border by the end of July regardless. Very very good car with a surprising amount of cargo room. Uses no oil between changes. We would definitely keep it if we could. If this doesn't work for you, and I don't expect it to, then I will put an ad at some point in the proper thread on this forum. Feel free to PM me but be patient since closing on a house is so time consuming!
  6. No it is to ask why the contract was cancelled in one year when I paid for the two years special. I do remember that the card reader was down and had to pay cash. Gee I wonder where that went? I had something similar happen with Telcel Anna a block over I think? She wanted first and last month on a modem I purchased all cash. I had to pay another month online to get it started. Gee, I wonder what happened to that cash? I have no problem with my USA AT&T service I keep for my work.
  7. Thanks but that doesn't work. I googled it first. We have a friend that can go in there if necessary. It was a two year special that got cut off after one year.
  8. Hi, does anyone have the current phone number for the AT&T office in Ajijic by the FedEx office? We are in Baja Sur for an undetermined amount of time so we can't walk in. Thank you!
  9. It is the same from Zacatecas to Saltillo if I remember correctly. The ones that don't figure it out quickly aren't here to tell us about it. Once I saw what was happening it was kind of shocking but it works well and it adds a passing lane for just the cost of wide shoulders.
  10. OK thanks Alan, pretty normal stuff then 🙃 I hit the hotels before dark so driving at night is a non issue.
  11. Thank you for the caution about Ruta 2 Maincoons! AlanMexicali, your route is the preferred one but in your opinion is Ruta 2 very dangerous or just normal for being next to the border? I have a few months to make the decision and I do want to play it safe but I don't want to be paranoid either. We just completed a driving trip to mid Illinois and back without a single problem. I know each day and route can be different.
  12. Thanks RickS. Yes that does make a lot of sense looking at the map.
  13. Well from what I see about the ferry crossings it is hit and miss during good times. So it looks like we will be driving all the way to Ensenada Baja. Most of what we will have in the car was purchased here in Ajijic or from Amazon MX and we have receipts for almost everything. Hopefully that will make a difference crossing back at Sab Diego.
  14. Both great suggestions thank you! I will try again looking at the ferry schedule.
  15. This November We will be driving from Ajijic to Baja North. Would it be best to stay along northern Sonora or cross at Nogales to Tucson then head west to the San Diego crossing? We aren't concerned with the crossings as we have a Jalisco plated Mexican made car and are Temporal Residentes. This time we will have a car load of household stuff. Will I be taxed at USA border? Last week we returned from a road trip through Texas for a vaccine then on to mid Illinois to see family and friends. The only delay was 10 extra minutes crossing into Texas at Laredo. My wife had forgotten that she had packed a couple of apples which she declared so they were confiscated without a fine. Funny that she told the border agent that they probably originally came from Washington state which he got a chuckle about. So what do you think? A link to Google maps of northern border. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Nogales,+AZ+85621/@31.1201077,-112.5700204,7.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x86d6a7b602bcccef:0x55dc0a7c4ff9d977!8m2!3d31.3403775!4d-110.9342532
  16. Congratulations! I am happy to see some more competition around these parts.
  17. https://www.amazon.com.mx/gp/product/B08VH1S9QF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I bought this Feb 20, 2021 and it is a beast! A little more than you asked for but just what I need. They may have exactly what you want though. With regular shipping I got it the next day. It came with Win 10 Pro so easy to switch to English and just plug in an English keyboard.
  18. We live in Ajijic but ae visiting family and friends in Illinois after getting a vaccine in Texas. I have a USA AT&T plan, so no problem. My wife has a Mexico sim and plan. When we crossed the border the phone let her know that it switched to USA towers but the data, whatsapp and such did not work until I told her to restart her phone.
  19. Thanks everyone. I had the insurance part covered in the thread linked above. I just thought I should start a new thread for a specifically different subject.
  20. Me and the Mrs. are driving to and from Texas and beyond next week. Our first time crossing the border by car. We both have "temporal residente tarjetas" and driving a Jalisco plated car. Is there anything we need to be aware of especially on the re entry to Mexico? I know there are extra steps when flying but since we are driving and have the temporal cards do we need to stop at INM at all. I know the car should be good to go too right? Thanks!
  21. Two agents, my own and Francisco mentioned above confirmed that my policy does not include USA insurance. Francisco started out well then disappeared. I am sure he is a fine agent but after waiting several hours and his phone not taking calls I went with segurogringo.com mentioned by Out1 and purchased a policy. Go to go now. Thanks all for your input. I have many things to do to get ready so now I don't have this hanging over my head.
  22. Hello, Can anyone tell me if a local agency is capable of selling me the right amount of car insurance for driving through Texas all the way to Illinois? The company I am using for Mexican insurance on the vehicle will sell me a USA policy but told me it isn't enough and there is no way they can up the coverage. They told me that there are agents on both sides of the border but I would like to get the coverage before we leave. Any help in this matter will be appreciated, Thanks
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