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  1. Thanks everyone for all the information. We appreciate it very much.
  2. We narrowed down to Chula Vista and Chula Vista Norte. We'd appreciated if you can share the good and the not so good. Thank you all in advance! THANKS EVERYONE!! MAYBE WE ASKED THE WRONG WAY. PLEASE SHARE MORE ON CVN. WE DO LOVE THE ROAD BUT THAT WILL NOT BE THE ONLY FACTOR. THANKS MUCH!
  3. Hahaha! Our friend can see her dad when they are talking if she chooses because her dad has an Alexa with a screen.
  4. Alpha1, We are new here. Please ignore this if you have found your answers. Our good friend, communicates with her dad with the "drop in" feature. Both ends need wifi. She first enable the "drop in" command. Then just say "drop in on Dad" and it turns on a video call (if you have an Alexa with video). Dad doesn't have to answer. My friend has an Alexa app on her phone so she can use that to "drop in" on her Alexa even if she's not at home with her Alexa.
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